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Robo Burner

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Robo Burner
R.O.B.'s up special in Ultimate.
Robo Burner in Ultimate.
User R.O.B.
Universe R.O.B.

Robo Burner (ロボバーナー, Robo Burner) is R.O.B.'s up special move.


R.O.B. jets upwards. Although the move deals no damage, it does not put R.O.B. into a helpless state after he uses it, unlike most up special moves, and R.O.B. can perform any aerial attack or use the move again (with remaining fuel) after using Robo Burner. In addition, after using an aerial attack, he can go for another Robo Burner, use any other special, use any aerial attack, fast fall, or air dodge, making it a very versatile move and arguably one of the best recovery moves in the entire series. Robo Burner relies on fuel, which automatically charges when R.O.B. is touching the ground, taking about 1.5 seconds to fully charge.

Robo Burner can propel R.O.B. great distances, both vertically and horizontally, making it arguably one of the best recovery moves in the game. However, since it is unable to charge when in the air, aggressive edgeguarding on the opponent's part can prevent R.O.B. from safely returning, by simply forcing R.O.B. away from safety until his fuel runs out. An effective way to overcome this strategy is by floating considerably beneath the platform, making edgeguarding either difficult or suicidal, then jetting upwards and grabbing onto the ledge.

Its effect can be maximized by rapidly pressing the special move button or up instead of holding it; using this method will almost double the distance gained, due to the maintained inertia of the move. This makes it arguably the second longest recovery move in the game behind Villager's Balloon Trip, not counting gliding or Peach's two floating abilities.

As a side note, some R.O.B. Blaster enemies in the Subspace Emissary have the ability to use Robo Burner for an unlimited amount of time, allowing them to chase fighters down and constantly fire Robo Beams at them.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a gauge has been added to R.O.B.'s chassis, displaying the amount of fuel remaining for the move.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List ROBHeadSSBU.png Flies into the air or hovers with its thrusters. Can also attack while airborne.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Robo Burner 2. Robo Rocket 3. High-Speed Burner
"Use your thrusters to fly or hover in the air. You can also attack while airborne." "Quickly sends you high into the air. Unable to hover like Robo Burner." "You can fly around faster, but it burns through your fuel more quickly."
  1. Robo Burner: Default.
  2. Robo Rocket: Launches into the air, but can't hover. It deals damage and can even Meteor Smash.
  3. High-Speed Burner: Travels faster through the air, but also runs out of fuel faster.


R.O.B. as it appears as a boss in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

The move doesn't have a true origin and is original to Super Smash Bros.; however, in a Star Fox-themed microgame from WarioWare: Smooth Moves as a boss, R.O.B. was seemingly able to hover in the air while trying to shoot the player down with a NES Zapper.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ロボバーナー, Robo Burner
UK English Robo Burner
France French Brûleur robotique
Germany German Düsenantrieb
Italy Italian Robopulsore
Spain Spanish Propulsor Robo
China Chinese (Simplified) 机器人升空
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 機器人升空
South Korea Korean 로보 버너, Robo Burner
Netherlands Dutch Roboraket
Russia Russian Робофорсаж


  • While using this move, R.O.B. cannot fast fall. This also negates the fast falling effects from the Metal Box and the Super Mushroom.
  • In Ultimate, this move has full immunity to command grabs during the first 24 frames of start-up. It is currently unknown if this is intentional or a result of a glitch. [1]