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A screenshot of Melee taken after the freeze glitch was performed on Bowser. Note the number of hits.

The freeze glitch is a glitch unique to the Ice Climbers in the NTSC versions of Melee discovered by Philly Billy. It is caused by performing a grab with the trailing Ice Climber and then quickly using Squall Hammer with the leader. If done correctly, the opponent will be frozen in place and unable to do anything aside from take damage; the only way to free the opponent is by grabbing them or by throwing a Screw Attack at them. This glitch is banned in tournament play, due to it essentially removing all control from the opponent, as well as guaranteeing victory if the player performs it with a stock lead or tie (as the player could then let the time run out with the lead while the frozen opponent would be powerless to do anything).

Barrel Cannon glitch[edit]

This is a variation of the Freeze glitch that can be used to get a large number of combos. It can be done by the Ice Climbers on any stage with a flat surface. The user must have a Barrel Cannon and at least two opponents. First, the player must perform the freeze glitch on any opponent. When the opponent is frozen, the player must grab a Barrel Cannon and throw it at the opponent. The opponent should be stuck in it if performed correctly. Then, the player must perform the freeze glitch on the second opponent. Once the second opponent is frozen, the player should throw said opponent at the Barrel Cannon. The frozen opponent should be stuck in the Barrel Cannon and rack up a decent amount of damage.

Andrew freeze glitch[edit]

A similar glitch occurs if the leading Climber uses Squall Hammer while the trailing is being thrown. This causes the thrown Climber and the throwing character to be frozen.


  • If opponents are hit up or down while frozen, they will slowly move in that direction, which may cause the Ice Climber to be unable to grab and release them from the glitch.
  • If a frozen character happens to pass a blast line, they will not be KO'd. This can happen in stages such as Corneria and Venom (as the stage floats around) as well as scrolling stages such as Rainbow Cruise. It can also happen if the frozen character is carried offstage by a Barrel Cannon.


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