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Buster Wolf freeze glitch

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The Buster Wolf freeze glitch was a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that was discovered in the version 6.0.0 update. This glitch caused both Terry and the partner Ice Climber to become frozen in place during Buster Wolf.

This glitch could be performed by connecting Terry's Buster Wolf with Nana's part of Squall Hammer. This glitch could not be performed on Popo's part. Naturally, this glitch was easier to perform while the Ice Climbers were desynching, which is most commonly performed through Squall Hammer. Should the conditions occur correctly, both Terry and the Ice Climber will be unable to move. Due to both parties becoming intangible during the attack, it was impossible to end the match unless a player quit or the main Ice Climber player SDed.

This glitch was patched out in version 6.1.0.