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Power Geyser

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Power Geyser
Terry Power Geyser SSBU.gif
Power Geyser in Ultimate.
User Terry
Universe Fatal Fury
For Terry's other Super Special Move, see Buster Wolf.

Power Geyser (パワーゲイザー, Power Geyser) is one of Terry's Super Special Moves.


If Terry is over 100% damage, or has less than 30% of his health in Stamina mode, and the player inputs either ↓ ↙ ← ↙ → + Attack/Special or ↓ ← ↓ → + Attack/Special, Terry will punch the ground, erupting a big geyser of energy while announcing "Power... Geyser!" or "Go bang!" . There also exists a shortcut input with ↓ ↙ ← → + Attack/Special, forgoing the downward motion entirely. Power Geyser will activate in the direction of the last control stick input, including the direction Terry is facing away from. If the player does use Power Geyser in the opposite direction, Terry has a unique turn around animation which acts as a visual way to confirm the move activated in the desired direction. Using the move will cause the screen to have a blue overlay. The move also gives Terry 5% damage-based armor from Frames 1-14, allowing him to ignore weak attacks such as neutral attacks.

Power Geyser's hitbox lasts for a good duration while also having tremendous vertical range. The tip of the geyser deals less damage than the base, though it is still remarkably strong and capable of KOing opponents off the top easily. These traits make Power Geyser a committal albeit nuclear anti-air attack, making jumping in from a distance very risky while Terry has access to it. Furthermore, Power Geyser can hit the ledge and 2-frame recovery moves such as Wings of Rebellion consistently with the correct timing, though mistiming it can often forfeit the advantage state due to its very high ending lag.

Like Buster Wolf, this move cannot be performed in the air.


Like his normal specials such as Power Wave, Terry can cancel the endlag of his normals into Super Special Moves as well. Like all Super Special Moves, it can be Renda cancelled to make inputting confirms easier, and COIL can be used to more easily get the forward input of the command. Up tilt is a particularly notorious move for confirming Power Geyser, serving as a minor anti air that can turn into an immediate stock. This works at virtually any percentage, thanks to up tilt's very low 18 knockback growth. However, it is difficult to land and somewhat susceptible to DI if up tilt is used as part of a combo.


Terry using Power Geyser in Fatal Fury Special.

Power Geyser was introduced in Fatal Fury 2, and has since become one of Terry's signature moves, reappearing in almost every single game the character has been included in since. It first made an appearance as a Desperation move. While maintaining this role in most games, it is a basic part of his moveset in a few games, such as Real Bout Fatal Fury. The command used to perform the move in Ultimate mirrors the command for it in most games.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese パワーゲイザー, Power Geyser
UK English Power Geyser
France French Power Geyser
Germany German Power Geyser
Spain Spanish Power Geyser
Italy Italian Power Geyser
China Chinese (Simplified) 能量喷泉
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 能量噴泉
South Korea Korean 파워 가이저, Power Geyser
Netherlands Dutch Krachtgeiser
Russia Russian Энергетический гейзер