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Power Dunk

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Power Dunk
Terry Down B SSBU.gif
Power Dunk in Ultimate.
User Terry
Universe Fatal Fury

Power Dunk is Terry's down special move.


Terry tilts his cap backward before leaping into the air, hitting twice with his knee while taking the opponent with him, and performs a downward-angled diving punch toward the ground. While performing the move, Terry says either "Power Dunk!" or "Beat up!" After performing the move, Terry then tilts his cap back to its original position. The move sends diagonally outward at a harsh angle. The move has low enough ending lag in the air for Terry to safely recover afterward. Like all of Terry's special moves, Power Dunk has two variations depending on how long the button is held, although in this case it only affects the height of Terry's initial hop and the pause before he punches downward, with the move's damage and knockback unaltered. The light version performs a shorter hop and a faster punch, while the heavy version allows Terry to jump past the bottom platforms of Battlefield, and slightly delays the punch.

Input Power Dunk[edit]

If the player performs the move's original input (→↓↘+attack/special or the "Shoryuken command" as mentioned by Masahiro Sakurai), Terry will perform a stronger version of the move. The command-input version causes the initial shockwave from Terry's flaming fist to turn blue, alongside the end of his fist's trail. The strong version of the punch where the attack button is held will also meteor smash a few frames after Terry is falling, with the sweetspot being the center of Terry's fist, before becoming a stronger version of the initial hitbox. Additionally, the move grants Terry intangibility from frames 6 to 12, allowing it to work as a combo breaker option.


Terry can perform a Power Dunk out of some standard attacks, as part of his special-canceling mechanic. By pressing the down special input or command input after connecting with one of certain standard attacks, Terry will cancel the ending lag of the attack and perform a Power Dunk. This can be used for combos. One of the most commonly used combos involves special-canceling Terry's neutral attack before its third hit into Power Dunk, although this can be SDI'd out of. Neutral aerial is one of the most common alternatives to confirming Power Dunk given this fact.

Power Dunk itself can be cancelled into Terry's Final Smash, Triple Wolf during the rising hits.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List TerryHeadSSBU.png Knock opponents into the air with a knee strike, then follow up with a diagonal downward punch.


Terry using Power Dunk in The King of Fighters '96.

Power Dunk is a move in Terry's repertoire that first appeared in Fatal Fury 3, that was introduced as a reference to his love of basketball and slam dunks. The move has remained largely unchanged in every game it has been in since, aside from its appearance in The King of Fighters XIV, where it was upgraded to a powerful CLIMAX Move called Star Dunk Volcano.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese パワーダンク, Power Dunk
UK English Power Dunk
Quebec French (NTSC) Power Dunk
Germany German Power Dunk
Italy Italian Power Dunk
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Power Dunk
Netherlands Dutch Krachtdunk


  • Power Dunk is the only special move of Terry’s to have not been in his debut game.