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The slingshot is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The earliest known mention of the technique can be seen by twitter user Sabaca2g on December 23, 2018. The technique was later popularized and coined by GimR during his May 6th, 2022 livestream introducing it.


To perform the slingshot, simply start a dash, then quickly pull the control stick in the opposite direction and hold diagonally up or down. If done correctly, the character will turn around while keeping their forward momentum. This opens up a wide variety of movement and positional options, particularly with aerial movement.



The flickshot is the most basic version of the slingshot. It is performed by moving forward, then flicking either up-back or down-back on the control stick and pressing jump after the stick has returned to neutral. The character will be sent forwards in the air with maximum airspeed while facing backwards.


The holdshot is similar to the flickshot in input. Instead of flicking up-back or down-back, the input is held. This results in drifting backwards instead of going forwards.


The fullshot is the same as the holdshot, except the control stick is rolled from up-back or down-back to back, increasing the drift backwards.