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Wectoring was a glitch/exploit performable by Wario in the early versions of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It was patched out of the game in update 1.0.4. The glitch enabled Wario to convert the momentum he received from knockback into momentum in a chosen direction, just as the hitstun ends.

Performing the glitch[edit]

In order to perform the glitch, the player must first hold the Circle Pad upwards just after Wario first enters hitstun, then a little under a second before the hitstun is about to end, hold the pad in the direction they wish to travel in. The greater the knockback Wario sustained, the more momentum he will gain when the hitstun ends.

Usage of the glitch[edit]

One of the main usages of the glitch was for recovery, as it allows Wario to very quickly get back to the stage from any distance, making edgeguarding him almost impossible. Additionally, the fast speed and control that Wario has over his momentum could be used to catch the opponent by surprise with a Waft, or a powerful aerial.