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Dragonic Reverse

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Yoshi uses Dragonic Reverse to punish Bowser's landing with a forward smash.

The Dragonic Reverse, sometimes abbreviated as DR, is a pseudo-wavedash technique which can be used by Yoshi in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is executed by jumping twice and using an aerial attack in extremely quick succession (within a few frames), causing Yoshi to land during the autocancel period of the aerial while the double jump action is causing him to dip downwards. When landing, if the control stick is tilted backwards, Yoshi will slide backwards a little. It is an extremely hard technique to master because of the timing involved, but there are many applications to this technique.


The Dragonic Reverse can be used in many ways, and most of its applications are the same as the wavedash in Melee. It is possible to perform a smash attack, tilt, jab, or special attack out of it, and it can be used to execute quick short hopped aerials, such as Yoshi's forward or back air. It is also possible to dodge attacks with it, then counterattack.

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