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Instant double jump

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Instant double jump is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that involves the use of a double jump as close to the ground as possible.

How to perform[edit]

There are two types of instant double jump:

Perfect instant double jump[edit]

Pichu performing a perfect instant double jump into a neutral aerial

Perfect instant double jump, or buffered instant double jump, is performed by jumping, releasing the jump button, then double-jumping, all within 4 frames of each other. An aerial attack can be used at any point during these four frames.

Delayed instant double jump[edit]

Falco using a delayed instant double jump to extend a combo

Delayed instant double jump, also known as active hop or auto-cancel hop, is performed by double-jumping immediately after another jump (typically a short hop). In this case, aerial attacks can be used after the double jump.


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  • Allows for rising aerials that hit at ground level without suffering from the short-hop damage penalty
  • Allows for attacks at heights that a regular short hop or full hop on their own may not reach, allowing for extended combos
  • Makes some aerial follow-ups with strict timings easier
  • Potential for more options on landing than a regular full hop
  • More autocancel options. For example, Byleth's down aerial can auto-cancel after a perfect instant double jump, but not a short-hop.
  • Consistent late hits on aerials
  • Momentum shifts