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Wavelanded laser

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Fox using a wavelanded laser on Falco in Melee.

The wavelanded laser, also known as a falling wavelanding laser, is an advanced technique in Melee and a variation of the Short Hop Laser that can be performed by Falco and Fox (as well as Kirby if he copies Fox or Falco's Blaster). This occurs due to Falco, Fox and Kirby automatically changing direction when firing the Blaster after falling off of a platform. The goal is to shoot an opponent that is landing, standing, or falling and make a direct hit. The tricky part of this move is trying to get the Blaster to go directly where the player wants it to go. Because of the speed of Falco's laser, he won't be able to shoot an opponent directly on the platform, but he can only shoot the opponent if they fall through. This can be either advantageous or disadvantageous for Falco at times. The Wavelanded Laser is achieved by firing the Blaster as soon as Falco, Fox, or Kirby faces away from the opponent, Wavedashes or Wavelands off of a platform and fires the Blaster immediately upon falling off the platform. If the Wavelanded Laser is done correctly, Falco, Fox, or Kirby will slide backwards off the platform, face their opponent, and shoot the Blaster. It's impossible to use the technique while facing the opponent because the player automatically turns in the opposite direction as soon as the Blaster is shot, and much harder to accomplish while Wavedashing or Wavelanding forward and because Wavedashing and Wavelanding forward usually causes the player to trip then stumble on the edge of the platform. The player can also perform a falling Wavelanded Double Laser as well, but it would only work with Fox or Kirby with Fox's Blaster copied.

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