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Boomerang glide

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A side by side distance comparison of simple jump upb (left) with a boomerang glide (right).

Boomerang glide is a technique that enables Young Link (SSBM) to recover from longer distances than normal by setting up a Boomerang cancel Air dodge mid-air. The technique is somewhat difficult, but very consistent with practice. Generally, it is performed by jumping in the desired direction, immediately smash throwing a boomerang angled straight down, air dodging up at an angle, and drifting straight over the returning boomerang. The additional horizontal distance gained is about 60% of a full drift Double jump. After catching the boomerang, upb can be used immediately. Alternatively, zair could be used after waiting the catch animation out to recover extremely low on a stage like Fountain of Dreams.

Young Link performing boomerang glides back to back without landing.

While a jump is recommended to increase reliability, and not waste it due to entering special fall, the technique can be performed without one as long as horizontal velocity is high enough when the throw begins.