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Chain dance

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Named by Kitt, the Chain Dance is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It can be performed by either Link or Young Link. It is done by throwing the boomerang, then wall-grappling on a wall and then catching the boomerang while chained to the wall. As soon as Link catches the boomerang, he can start new actions which can be combined with each other:

  • Rejumping while still chained to the wall.
  • Using a special move while still chained to the wall.
  • Pressing A or Z to scale up the wall. If Link is not currently already doing a move, this will cause him to do an aerial attack.

Depending on Link's positioning, momentum, and the actions being performed, the wall-grapple will randomly stop as he starts tumbling.

This glitch does not work in the 1.2 and PAL versions of the game, where Link will not catch his boomerang while using his grapple.

Boomerang superjump[edit]

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By hanging on the chain completely still, when Link catches the boomerang, the player can press B to cancel the chain and perform a Boomerang superjump.

Ghost Arrow glitch[edit]

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If Link charges an arrow while chained to the wall and then pulls himself up, the next arrow he shoots will be a "Ghost Arrow" which can be replaced by other objects in the game.

Dimensional Arrow[edit]

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By using B-reverse after catching the boomerang, Link can fire an arrow from behind himself.