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Character info
Melee main Link
Other Melee character Mario
Team info
Crew(s) MYO
Personal and other info
Real name Lionel Vassell
Birth date (age 38)
Location Brooklyn, NY United states
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Kitt is an American smasher and one of the original members of New York crew MYO. He has been a hardcore smasher since Super Smash Bros. Kitt, along with Vap, joined SmashBoards in 2001 and quickly found where the good players meet up to play. Kitt's first tournament was a smashfest in Queens where he first discovered wavedashing and L-canceling. Even though he didn't know about those advanced techniques at the time, he didn't do so badly there, beating his first two competitors and falling to the third.

After mastering many of the advanced techniques with Link along with tweaking some already known to make them his own, he attended the BIN 2003 tournament. Making it all the way to the semi-finals and beating every other Link player there, Kitt earned the name "Best Link in New York".

Many people were amazed at the fact that he used Link's wavedash with such precision and how he used all of Link's attacks and special attacks. Along with wavedashing and L-canceling, some of his other techniques include the bomb dash, the Boomerang superjump, edge-hogging, short hop fast fall L-canceling, and the Chain Dance. All this has made Kitt a very versatile player.

Attending many local tournaments including Bulletproof Comics and Brooklyn-hosted tournaments, Kitt won over eight hundred dollars in cash and prizes in 2003 and 2004.

In 2005, Kitt decided to take a break away from smash to focus on other things at the time. He found himself addicted to World of Warcraft, along with DotA, a custom map on Warcraft III Frozen Throne.

Since the start of 2007, Kitt has come back into the competitive world of smash, attending the Bulletproof comic’s tournament and making it to the quarter-finals.

Now, Kitt is attending Kingsborough Community College studying in Website Development. He tries to make it to as many tournaments and smashfests as he can.

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