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This page is a project.
Projects guide users to make helpful revisions to pages of a particular type or topic. See this page for an explanation of projects. Projects operate similarly to guidelines, and their advice should be followed accordingly. You may edit a project to help it meet the needs of its articles; however, discuss any important changes on this project's talk page.

Some of the SmashWiki's articles may not look nice, may be poorly written, or contain grammatical errors. However, users can fix these articles by giving them a cleanup.

What is a cleanup?[edit]

A cleanup is exactly what the name states. It is the act of cleaning an article up to improve its quality. Pages that look messy, are poorly written, or have many grammatical errors should be listed as requiring a cleanup. Users will see that these pages are in need of attendance, and will work on them to improve them.

Marking articles for cleanup[edit]

When you have found a page that requires a cleanup, you can mark it with the cleanup template. At the top of the page, simply add {{cleanup}}. Doing so will display this template at the top of the page:

An icon for use on pages that need cleanup. This article or section may require a cleanup.
You can discuss this issue on the talk page or edit this page to improve it.

If the article is very large, it is advised to discuss the article's need of a cleanup on its talk page.