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Lunar Jumping

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The Lunar Jump is an advanced technique that can only be performed by Rosalina & Luma.

The technique involves desyncing Rosalina and Luma by performing right after executing a jab or tilt. This allows the player to cover the air with a short hop aerial while Luma covers the ground with a tilt or jab.

How to perform[edit]

The player must perform a tilt or jab, on the second frame of the execution the player must press the jump button, then on frame 3 and 4 the player can choose a direction or leave the control still in the neutral position for the wanted aerial attack. This causes Luma to perform the designated grounded move and Rosalina a short hop aerial.

When execution fails[edit]

If Luma jumps with Rosalina that means that the player pressed the jump and attack button on the same frame. If Rosalina gets stuck on the ground and performs a neutral attack with Luma it is because the player jumped on frame 3 or later.


Lunar Jumping gives Rosalina more options offensively and defensively, as well as improving her approach. The technique can be used to apply both grounded and aerial pressure on the opponent or attack while retreating. Luma's grounded attacks can also combo into Rosalina's Aerials. Lunar Jumping can also cover many options such as grab, grounded and air born attacks from different directions at once.


Lunar Jumping cannot be performed in combination with a Smash attack. Performing a jump during the first 3 frames of a smash attack leads to a cancelled Smash attack for both Rosalina and Luma. Cancelled smash attacks however will always follow up with an aerial.

The second limitation of Lunar Jumping is Rosalina’s jump, she will always perform a Short Hop Aerial although the user can choose between all 5 aerials.

The third limitation of Lunar Jumping is that it can only be performed In combination with a neutral attack, not any of the 4 special moves.