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Wizard's Foot

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Wizard's Foot
Ganondorf Down B SSBU.gif
Wizard's Foot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
User Ganondorf
Universe The Legend of Zelda

Wizard's Foot (烈鬼脚, Violent Ogre Leg) (commonly called the Wizkick, Warlock Kick, Ganon Kick, or similar variations) is Ganondorf's down special move. Ganondorf rushes forward or downward with his leg extended, dealing damage and relatively high knockback. It is functionally similar to Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick, but using darkness instead of flame.


Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

When on the ground, Ganondorf will do a horizontal kick engulfed in dark energy across a large area with decent start-up and powerful horizontal knockback, but slows down when it collides into something, making it not very useful for approaching. In the air, he will do a slanted vertical kick that spikes during all hitboxes, giving it edge-guarding potential. When the aerial version collides with the ground, a small shockwave is formed which slightly knocks up nearby opponents, but is also very laggy and can be punished. The aerial version, like Falcon Kick, restores Ganondorf's midair jump, aiding in his recovery.

Interestingly, the hitbox of aerial Wizard's Foot only covers up to Ganondorf's thigh, leaving his leg and foot completely exposed. Also, hitting a target with the attack will slow down Ganondorf's travel speed per target hit, which is also shared with Falcon Kick.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

The move was greatly weakened in Brawl. The grounded version received a huge loss in knockback, going from a powerful horizontal killer that could KO reliably under 125% to an attack that is completely unable to KO under 200% unless near the edge with the opponent missing their DI. The move also deals less damage, and had received late, weaker hitboxes. Small characters like Kirby or Pikachu can now also crouch under it, as its hitbox is surprisingly tiny.

The airborne version was also weakened, no longer restoring midair jumps, and its spiking ability was changed to a meteor smash as it is now meteor cancelable, now only limited to the initial hitbox. The loss midair jump restoration makes it much riskier to use for edge-guarding, as unless Ganondorf uses the Wizard's Foot when edge-guarding with perfect timing, he will fail to recover. The fact that it is now a meteor smash also reduces its practicality as an edge-guard, especially when Ganondorf has his down aerial to meteor smash with, which is much stronger than - and not nearly as risky as - the Wizard's Foot. Though with two meteors he can use his down aerial repeatedly until the opponent is at KO percent and meteor smashing them with the fresh Wizard's Foot. The meteor smash hitbox still produces a diagonal trajectory as it did in Melee, which allows it to meteor smash opponents that are above the stage provided they are close enough to the edge.

On the other hand, the ending animation can now be cancelled if spaced properly toward a ledge so that it ends very slightly offstage, allowing to get into an edge-guard position fairly quickly. Wizard's Foot also facilitates the use of the new Flight of Ganon technique, but it is not a necessary step, and performing it this way requires that Ganondorf be at the edge of a platform before he does the Wizard's Foot, due to the different ending animation on any other part of the platform. The airborne version was also made more powerful on its later hitboxes that now has powerful vertical knockback, increasing its effectiveness against grounded opponents and can easily KO opponents high up in the air from as low as 70% and also serves as a great anti-juggle tool. The move's hitboxes also now fully cover Ganondorf's leg and thigh, allowing it to hit much lower than in Melee.

Animation-wise for the grounded version, Ganondorf instead side-swings his right leg forward for the kick, and tucks in his body away from his direction when traveling forward; its travel speed is also a lot more slower than before, which can be severely affected when Ganondorf's kick collides with multiple targets in the way of his travel path.

Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

The aerial version received several noticeable buffs. It deals much higher shield damage; hitting with both the initial and late hitboxes deals roughly more than half of full shield health. It also interrupts much sooner, giving Ganondorf greater leniency to recover when used off-stage for edge-guarding or mix-up recovery, and allows it to be used over ground from not as high up without going into its laggy landing animation. The removal of meteor cancelling additionally makes the meteor smashing initial hitbox a pseudo-spike like in Melee, giving it better edge-guarding potential. However, it still remains inferior to his down aerial for edgeguarding, as using it without an on-stage full hop is invariable suicide even with the earlier interruptibility.

The grounded version was initially unchanged until patch 1.1.5, receiving a slight damage increase and more range due to widened hitboxes. The knockback entailing the damage increase now makes the move a decent KOing move around 160% from the center of Final Destination and 115% near the ledge and improves its safety on hit, while also allowing it to out-prioritize weak projectiles. However, it is still not as powerful as his other moves as well as it is Melee incarnation, while still being an unreliable approach option.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

The move on the ground was significantly buffed in power and speed. The foot now does 16% damage and the leg does 14% (as opposed to the other way around in Brawl and Smash 4), making the sweetspot easier to land overall which KOs around 93% near the edge of Final Destination, with the sourspot occurring only when used at point-blank. The move was also sped-up with reduced ending lag on the ground, making it much less susceptible to being punished while also being a decent combo starter when used at low percentages.

However, the hitboxes are significantly smaller, in addition to a hitbox being removed on the thigh. This makes the move much harder to land, and makes the aerial version less effective at anti-juggling.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U instruction booklet GanondorfHeadSSB4-U.png A flying kick. Will dash diagonally down when airborne.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List GanondorfHeadSSBU.png Propels forward with a kick charged by dark power. In the air, he plunges diagonally downward.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Wizard's Foot 2. Wizard's Dropkick 3. Wizard's Assault
"A magic kick that flies straight when on the ground and diagonally when airborne." "Jump low into the air before doing the flying kick." "A faster flying kick that goes straight through foes. In the air, the kick goes straight down."
  1. Wizard's Foot: Default.
  2. Wizard's Dropkick: The kick moves at a 45 degree angle downward, and Ganondorf jumps to use it in the air when used on the ground; despite this it does not have the aerial version's shockwave and ending lag. This move significantly remedies Ganondorf's flaws towards projectiles and recovery, as it vaults over projectiles and the aerial version travels faster and further than Flame Choke while also not causing helplessness. Deals less damage and cannot meteor smash, and has slightly more start-up and slightly more ending lag in the air, but less ending lag on the ground. The kick's darkness is a dark blue color.
  3. Wizard's Assault: A faster and further kick that travels through foes, but with more start-up and ending lag, slightly less damage, and sends opponents behind Ganondorf which makes it difficult to KO with. In the air the kick goes straight down, but the distance traveled makes it invariable suicide when used off-stage, even with a full hop and double jump. This custom is considered inferior to Wizard's Foot/Dropkick due to its flaws providing increased predictability and lack of KO power, less useful for off-stage and edgeguarding, and its advantages being considerably less effective than the latter's. The kick's darkness is a magenta color.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 烈鬼脚
UK English Wizard's Foot
France French Pied du sorcier
Germany German Hexer-Haxen
Italy Italian Calcio mago
Spain Spanish Patada del hechicero
China Chinese (Simplified) 烈鬼脚
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 烈鬼腳
South Korea Korean 열귀각
Netherlands Dutch Tovenaarstrap
Russia Russian Нога мага


  • In Brawl, when he hits a wall with Wizard's Foot he flies backwards, as opposed to Captain Falcon who backflips. In fact, the animation used when Ganondorf bounces off a wall by using this move is the same as the animation used when releasing an opponent from the Dark Dive.
  • If used on the ground, it can send Ganondorf right over certain items, such as Diddy Kong's Bananas, without activating them.
  • If Ganondorf uses Wizard's Foot just as he hits a spring in a custom stage, he will launch more than twice as high. This can cause a self-destruct in the Subspace Emissary if he uses Wizard's Foot at specific springs in stages such as The Forest.