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Platform cancel

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This article is about the technique in Brawl. For the technique which can be performed in Melee, see drop cancel.
Falco platform cancelling a footstool jump to combo into a turnaround laser lock.
Falco platform cancelling a footstool jump off of the platform in Smashville to combo into a turnaround laser lock.

Platform canceling is a technique in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that allows the player to instantly land on a moving platform after jumping up through it. This allows players to quickly make any move by canceling the time otherwise spent falling and landing on the platform. Platform canceling is performed by jumping through a moving platform and then inputting down on the control stick or the C-Stick along with any other action as the player is about to go through the platform. If the player inputs a shield or a dodge before pressing down, then the player's character will land on the platform and immediately drop through it.

Platform cancels are often used after a KO to just add some extra flash, but platform cancels can be used to decrease the amount of ending lag of attacks, and allow a character to jump onto a moving platform faster than by jumping and fastfalling. Platform cancels are also frequently used for mindgames, as the fast movement speeds created by multiple platform cancels can confuse opponents and throw them off guard. Combos involving platform cancels are frequently performed on the Smashville platform.

Stages the platform cancel can be performed on[edit]


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