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Attack cancel short hop aerial

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Attack cancel short hop aerial, also known as attack cancelling, is a technique in Ultimate which is made possible due to the new short hop attack mechanics. Most jabs have a 1 frame window in which the attack can be cancelled into a short hop attack, and most tilts and smash attacks have a 2 frame window to do so. Due to the game ensuring that the buffer window never overlaps with a hitbox becoming active, the technique has limited usage, however notably Rosalina & Luma can utilise the mechanic, as only Rosalina's attack is cancelled into a short hop, while Luma will commence with the attack that was interrupted, allowing Luma's attack to combo into Rosalina's aerial. It can also be used to pick up items on the ground such as Diddy Kong's Banana Peel and perform a short hop aerial at the same time. Many characters also receive a small horizontal boost during the jumpsquat animation when performing the technique with certain attacks, and some visual effects will still partly proceed despite the attack being cancelled, allowing for fake-outs.

Performing the technique[edit]

To perform the technique, an applicable jab, tilt or smash attack must be inputted, and then immediately cancelled into a jump. The c-stick or directional stick should then be held in the direction corresponding to the desired aerial attack, or no direction held for a neutral aerial. Due to how short the window is for most attacks, it can be difficult to perform the technique correctly.

Dash attack-cancelled short hop aerial[edit]

The dash attack-cancelled short hop aerial allows the player to cancel the dash attack to perform a short hop aerial. This technique allows the player to retreat further than performing a regular short hop aerial.

In Rosalina & Luma's case, Rosalina's dash attack can be cancelled with an aerial while Luma will proceed to perform a dash attack. The technique gives Rosalina & Luma more combo possibilities.

To perform this technique, the player must move the directional stick in the desired direction. Then the player must input the c-stick corresponding to the directional stick's direction to input a dash attack. During the first few frames of dash attack, the player must move the directional stick to input an aerial (release the directional stick for a neutral aerial) and immediately press the jump button.

Forward tilt-cancelled aerial[edit]

The forward tilt-cancelled short hop aerial allows the player to cancel the forward tilt to perform a short hop aerial.

To perform an f-tilt-cancelled short hop neutral aerial, the player must move the c-stick at any direction and immediately press the jump button.

To perform an f-tilt-cancelled back aerial, the player must input the C-stick either left or right. Then the player must immediately press jump and move the directional stick opposite to the directional stick. This technique gives the fighter the ability to perform a back aerial while stationary as opposed to the RAR back aerial.