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Step dash

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Step dash is an advanced technique exclusive to Super Smash Bros. 4. It involves exploiting the properties of a fighter's stepping animation to provided more movement options.

How to perform[edit]

To start the process, slightly tilt the analog stick to start the stepping animation, then immediately return the stick to the neutral position, then immediately tilt the stick again to start another step. The window to do this action is extremely strict and is character dependent, making this technique difficult to perform. If everything is done correctly, performing an action that does not stop a fighter's momentum will cause the fighter to slide a considerable distance while still being actionable. The step dash can be done multiple times consecutively, but only facing the right.

Crouch slide[edit]

During the second still, quickly pulling the stick to a downward angle will cause the fighter to slide. It is the simplest Step dash technique. It is recommended that the stick should be pulled straight down instead of at an angle for fighters that can crawl to avoid the crawling animation.

Sliding attacks[edit]

Any attack that does not stop momentum (i.e. dash attack, tilt attacks, and most grabs) can be done during a step dash. This can be very effective for offensive pressure and edgeguarding.

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