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Quickdraw (technique)

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Not to be confused with Ike's side special, Quick Draw.

Quickdraw, or QDing, is a Link and Toon Link technique in Brawl that they can use with their neutral special move, Bow, to skip the starting lag of the attack. There are several applications with this that greatly increase Link/Toon Link play. The player can also use this technique with Kirby if he copies Link or Toon Link with Inhale.

Performing a Quickdraw[edit]

To perform a Quickdraw, the player must use the Bow right before landing. If, during startup, the character hits the ground, all lag will be negated and the arrow will fire immediately.

Link and Toon Link perform a Quickdraw, and then perform a regular arrow.


Note: Toon Link benefits far more from Quickdrawing than Link, due to lower falling speed and lower lag in most of his attacks, and because his arrows travel much farther at minimum charge than Link's.

Bomb drawing[edit]

This refers to Toon Link or Link jumping, drawing a Bomb, and quickdrawing as soon as possible. This helps protect the character as he draws out the Bomb.

Bomb/Boomerang throw[edit]

Per the name, this refers to throwing a Bomb/Boomerang in any direction and Quickdrawing on landing. The bomb throw requires a short hop with both characters, while the Boomerang requires a jump. This can help camping and punish spot dodges.

Aerial drawing[edit]

This refers to Short hop fast falling and following with a Quickdraw. This can bolster a missed aerial or follow one up.

Short Hop Double Arrows[edit]

The most used Quickdraw technique is the Short Hopped Double Arrows (SHDA). This involves using a short hopped arrow followed with a Quickdraw. Only Toon Link can do this, but Link can do the technique with a full jump. SHDAs promote Toon Link/Link's camping game, and can also be done while moving as an approach.

Reverse Quickdraw[edit]

Any of the above techniques can be followed by a Reverse Quickdraw. If the player presses the button opposite of the direction they are facing, the Bow will fire behind them. This can be used to cover both sides of the character, or to follow up a back aerial.


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