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PSI Magnet

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PSI Magnet
Ness Down B SSBU.gif
Lucas Down B SSBU.gif

Ness and Lucas using PSI Magnet in Ultimate.
Users Ness
Universe EarthBound
Article on WikiBound PSI Magnet

PSI Magnet (サイマグネット, PSI Magnet), called Psychic-Magnet in Super Smash Bros.'s character profiles, is Ness and Lucas's down special move.


The user creates a psychic field that can absorb certain projectile attacks (mostly energy-based rather than physical objects) to heal damage. The move lasts as long as the special button is held. Ness and Lucas' versions of PSI Magnet differ slightly in terms of speed, size, positioning, healing power, and auxiliary utility.


Ness absorbing Charizard's Flamethrower in Brawl.

Ness's PSI Magnet is centered around himself and covers his entire body.

In Super Smash Bros., the move has very high starting lag and thus it has little utility. However, the crowd releases very enthusiastic cheers for its successful use. In Super Smash Bros., the move recovers double the damage the projectile would have dealt normally.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, it is now blue instead of green. The move comes out 5 frames faster, but retains the same 30 frames of minimum absorption time and an additional 10 frames of ending lag before it can be dropped, making it a less than viable option.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the color changes again, from blue to a more purplish color. This move recovers about 1.6x (or one and two thirds) the damage the projectile would have dealt normally, and is the fastest of Ness' PSI Magnets. In SSB4 and Brawl, Ness's Magnet pushes enemies and some items (such as Snake's Hand Grenades) away from his body when released.

In Super Smash Bros. 4, the move returns to its Melee-like blue coloring and is larger in size. In addition, due to certain explosions now being absorbable, it can absorb some previously troublesome items such as Bob-ombs (outside Sudden Death) and attached Gooey Bombs. As in Brawl, it heals 1.6x, but has a cap of 30% healed damage. Its end lag has been reduced in later patches of the game.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Magnet now features PSI graphics based on how PSI Magnet appeared in EarthBound. It now also slightly damages adjacent foes upon activation, allowing it to confirm into any of Ness' aerials. Ness can use his double jump before the magnet in order to boost forward, being useful as a mixup or burst movement option.


Lucas being healed after using PSI Magnet in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Lucas's PSI Magnet is centered around his outstretched hand: while it does not visibly cover his whole body nor the area behind him, Lucas will instantly turn around when hit from the back. Lucas's version of this attack also has a hitbox on his hand when released, which deals 9% damage and is a moderately strong semi-spike. Though it has little use due to the delayed nature of it and its extremely small hitbox making it very difficult to land, tactical use of it can bait opponents and its horizontal knockback can prove effective in certain circumstances. Additionally, Lucas recovers more percentage than Ness when he absorbs a projectile (2.5x the damage the projectile would have dealt normally, a 56% improvement over Ness's). Its startup and ending lag are much lower than Ness's version.

In SSB4, Lucas's PSI Magnet once again heals 2.5x damage but was nerfed to heal less from teammate's attacks, but with a cap of 30% healed damage. It also has a larger hitbox, but it only deals damage if the opponent is in the center of the magnet. It also deals slightly less damage than it did in Brawl. In addition, Lucas no longer turns around when hit from behind, decreasing the move's range and overall practicality.

In Ultimate, the move is largely unchanged like Ness' version of it, though it now features EarthBound like PSI graphics. It now heals 2x damage (ignores 1v1 multiplier) but 1x in from teammates. The attack no longer halts Lucas's momentum when used airborne, much like how it worked in Brawl. Its endlag has also been reduced making it safer to use.

Tactical uses[edit]

When used in the air, this move will cancel any vertical/falling momentum temporarily. This allows for this move to be used as a pseudo-SHFFL if used immediately after a jump, or a pseudo-wavedash if the player activates the move at a downward diagonal angle. Using C-sticking special moves control scheme for the Gamecube Controller, this move, used right after PK Fire for Lucas, will allow the wavedash to work much more easily.

This move is very useful in Team Battles with Friendly Fire on, as a teammate can use their projectiles to heal Ness or Lucas. This is often used in doubles by Ness or Lucas players, who can team up with characters who have fast, damaging projectiles (e.g., Lucario or Bowser) to heal themselves. As of version 1.1.3 in Super Smash Bros. 4, the amount of damage healed when absorbing a fellow teammate's projectiles is cut in half.

When a projectile is absorbed, if the player taps the control stick or control pad (depending on controller) in a direction, Ness and Lucas will either roll in that direction, sidestep, or jump without having to release the attack first.

In the original Super Smash Bros., CPUs level 5 and above will almost never use the Fire Flower against Ness because he can absorb the fire with PSI Magnet. Instead, they will throw the Fire Flower at him. This also applies to Fox, as he can deflect the fire with his Reflector.

The attack can be put to significant use on the Corneria stage by absorbing the Great Fox's lasers. However, if Ness or Lucas touch the cannons while they are "charging", it is almost guaranteed to KO them. Only the actual laser shots can be absorbed.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee instruction booklet NessHeadSSBM.png Absorb enemy energy attacks and recover health.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet LucasHeadSSBB.png Absorb projectiles to reduce Lucas's damage percentage a corresponding amount.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U instruction booklet Ness's stock icon in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Absorb energy-based projectiles to heal damage.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List NessHeadSSBU.png Absorbs energy-based projectiles and weak explosions to heal damage.
LucasHeadSSBU.png Absorbs energy-based projectiles and weak explosions. Activates faster and heals more than Ness's.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:


1. PSI Magnet 2. PSI Vacuum 3. Forward PSI Magnet
"Absorb projectiles to heal damage. Blows opponents away at the end of the move." "Pull in opponents, and then deal damage at the end of the move. Does not pull in projectiles." "The field appears in front of you. It can launch foes when vanishing, as well as absorb projectiles."
  1. PSI Magnet: Default.
  2. PSI Vacuum: Ness draws opponents in, and once the move is released, an explosion hits foes around him. Does not absorb attacks.
  3. Forward PSI Magnet: Ness draws his Magnet in front of him. Works like Lucas's version, except the physics are still similar to Ness' Original PSI Magnet Variation.


1. PSI Magnet
"North America Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Create a magnetic field in front of you that absorbs energy-based projectiles.
North America Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Create a magnetic field in front of you that can absorb energy-based projectiles.
Europe Creates a magnetic field in front of you, useful for absorbing energy-based projectiles.
  1. PSI Magnet: Default.

Like the other DLC characters, Lucas has no custom move variations.

Magnet Pull[edit]

Magnet Pull is an advanced technique exclusive to Lucas in Brawl first publicly discovered by Kink-Link5. The technique involves becoming airborne, performing either a wavebounce or a waveland with PK Fire, then immediately performing PSI Magnet. If done correctly, Lucas will launch forward a great distance, effectively being a longer waveland. Magnet Pull can be useful to approach a far away opponent or allow Lucas to recover from very far off the stage.[1] Engine-wide physics changes to Smash 4 rendered this technique impossible, and it has yet to return to the series.

Reverse Magnet Pull[edit]

Setting up a waveland with PK Fire, then immediately tapping the control stick opposite to Lucas' facing direction while activating PSI Magnet will have Lucas launch in that direction instead. This variant is more difficult to perform, requiring more precise actions, but is useful for running away and zoning, while also increasing the KO potential of PSI Magnet by it incidentally becoming a combo starter.


PSI Magnet α in EarthBound.
Paula using PSI Magnet α in EarthBound.

PSI Magnet appears in all three EarthBound games. However, neither Ness nor Lucas can use it in their source games; instead, PSI Magnet is learned by some of their friends and party members, Paula and Poo in EarthBound and Kumatora in Mother 3 respectively.

In all three of the EarthBound games, the move involves the user absorbing an enemy's Psychic Points (PP) and adding it to their own PP: PSI Magnet drains 10 PP in Mother and 2-8 PP in EarthBound and Mother 3. It does not, however, absorb incoming attacks, that being a property of PSI Shield. As PP are not a mechanic in the Super Smash Bros. series, PSI Magnet recovers a small amount of health instead: this could be a reference to the healing technique Lifeup which, unlike PSI Magnet, is available to both Ness and Lucas in their respective games.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese サイマグネット, PSI Magnet
UK English PSI Magnet
France French Aimant PSY (SSB64)
PSI Magnet (Melee)
PSY magnétisme (Brawl onwards)
Germany German PSI-Magnet
Spain Spanish Imán PSI
Italy Italian MagnetePSI
China Chinese 精神磁力
South Korea Korean PSI 마그넷, PSI Magnet
Netherlands Dutch PSI-magneet
Russia Russian Психомагнит


  • This is both Ness and Lucas' only special move that is not a projectile.
  • In SSB64, PSI Magnet uses the same sound effect as Erase Data, as well as when changing the language in the European version.
  • PSI Magnet, Agility, Teleport and Transform are the only attacks in Melee to have no direct effect on opponents.
  • The color of Ness's PSI Magnet has changed throughout the series, being green in Super Smash Bros., blue in Melee, indigo in Brawl, and back to blue in SSB4.
  • PSI Magnet is the only special move that Ness and Lucas do not shout out.
  • PSI Magnet is Ness and Lucas's only special move whose name does not begin with "PK".
  • In SSB4, Ness's PSI Magnet is visually slightly larger than Lucas's, but in terms of absorption radius, they are the same size.
  • If the Shadow Assist Trophy freezes Ness and Lucas while PSI Magnet is active, it remains fully functional while frozen, being able and absorb attacks and heal as normal.
    • This interaction causes a visual quirk of the PSI Magnet effect acting at normal speed while frozen despite Ness and Lucas themselves not moving and the affect being slowed while in Shadow's slowdown phase.

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