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Lucas healing in SSB4.

Healing refers to reducing one's damage percentage. A few characters are capable of doing this with one of their special moves, and usually in only small amounts. Alternatively, some items may restore the user's health. In Brawl and Smash 4, it is possible to be healed by some stage elements, while in Smash 4 exclusively, equipment can be used that has restorative properties. Since Brawl, most forms of healing are accompanied by a signature sound cue of escalating synth notes.

Healing special moves[edit]

Robin heals as he uses Nosferatu against Mega Man in SSB4.
  • Chomp: In SSB4, it heals the user by 1% when eating a non-exploding item. In Ultimate, it can also heal the user when another character is inside.
  • Deep Breathing: Heals the user by 2% when used successfully.
  • Heal: Heals the user by 11%.
  • Inhale: In SSB4, eating most items while using Inhale heals Kirby by 1%. In Ultimate, Kirby can heal by eating most projectiles.
  • Nosferatu: Heals 0.8% per hit.
  • PSI Magnet: Ness' variant heals around 1.6× the damage of the projectile absorbed by his Magnet, while Lucas' variant heals around 2.5× the damage of the projectile absorbed by his Magnet.
  • Sun Salutation: heals the user by 2% when it is used when fully charged.

Healing items[edit]

Snake heals as he eats while reclining in Brawl.

Healing stage elements[edit]

Kirby near an apple on Green Greens in Melee.
  • Green Greens: The healing variants of the apples that spawn heal 10%.
  • WarioWare, Inc.: A character can be healed a small amount as a reward for successfully completing a Microgame.
  • PictoChat 2: Touching the heart in the Staring Contest variation of the stage will heal a player.
  • Saffron City: When Chansey appears at the door, it can heal 5% damage if touched.
  • Tortimer Island: The fruits that spawn on this stage can heal players.

Healing equipment[edit]

  • Vampire: Heals 0.5x damage dealt, although it only activates 50% of the time.
  • Shield Healer: Heals for 0.3x the damage of blocked attacks.
  • Food Lover: 1.5x damage healed when eating food.
  • Crouch Healer: The player recovers 2.5% damage every 1.5 seconds while crouching. However, the player must crouch uninterrupted for 1.5 seconds before the healing begins.
  • KO Healer: The player recovers 15% damage every time they KO an opponent.
  • Auto Healer: The player recovers 2% damage every three seconds.
  • Final Smash Healer: The player recovers 6% damage every two seconds while they are glowing after having broken a Smash Ball.