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Edge Cape-cancel

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The Edge Cape-cancel is a technique that can be used by Mario in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was noticed by many Mario players. It involves using Mario's Cape while hanging on the ledge. This allows the player to regain the invincibility frames acquired by grabbing the ledge, increasing the amount of time the player can be hanging.

How to perform[edit]

Simply grab the ledge of the stage and as soon as the invincibility frames are over, press the control stick away from the ledge and quickly press the button for a special move. Mario will release the edge and perform his Cape. When the attack frames finish, Mario will automatically re-grab the ledge and gain more invincibility frames. This can be useful for edge-guarding and edge-hogging.

Note that if the special button is pressed slightly before the control stick or d-pad is pressed, Mario will perform a ledge attack instead of the Edge Cape-cancel.