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Wave zap

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The Wave Zap is a recovery technique used for Lucas in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It can be used by combining the Zap Jump and Magnet Pull techniques. To perform the technique, Lucas should use a B-sticked PK Fire by pushing the C-stick in the opposite direction that he is facing while pressing B and double jumping at the same time. Then, he immediately use PSI Magnet. He will shoot backwards a huge distance with a huge vertical jump. This can be combined with Reverse Magnet Pulling to go forward as well.

It is possible to do a technique resembling this by doing a normal Zap Jump, but also changing the angle of the jump.

Alternatively, an easier method can be used on a B-sticked Gamecube Controller with X or Y set to jump. While Lucas is midair, the player should should press X or Y and (with the timing of a normal Zap Jump) immediately push the C-stick and Analog stick in opposite horizontal directions. Then the player should push the C-stick down to do a Magnet Pull. To recover to the right, players can push the Analog stick to the left (players will still need to push the C-stick in the opposite direction). To recover to the left, players should push the Analog stick to the right.

This move can be used to KO after a fully charged PK Freeze.


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