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Ghost Arrow glitch

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The Ghost Arrow glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is an expansion on the Chain dance glitch and can be performed by Link and Young Link.

To do it, perform the Chain dance (catch a boomerang while chained to a wall) and start charging an arrow. If the player keeps charging and scales up the wall, then the next time the player starts charging an arrow, no arrow will spawn - this is known as "Ghost Arrow".

It is possible for other objects in the game to fill the empty object slot prior to or while shooting the "Ghost Arrow", thereby enabling Link to shoot something else. Any item (including Octorok, Goomba, etc.) and many character projectiles will work.

Depending what the player is doing, the Ghost Arrow glitch has a high chance of crashing the game. This may happen, for example, if the player uses a projectile that will not work (such as Ness' Yoyo), or when Link touches a Super Mushroom/Poison Mushroom, gets attacked, or falls into the void while charging Ghost Arrow.

The glitch will also occasionally corrupt the textures, which persists even after the match is over - this is known as "Ghost Melee".

This will not work in the 1.2 and PAL versions of the game, because Link will not catch his boomerang while using grapple, making Chain dance impossible.