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Turnip Free Pull

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Turnip Free Pull is an advanced Peach technique in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, that allows her to slide the opposite direction while plucking a Turnip during her turn around animation. It was discovered by Excel_Zero. There are many applications to this technique.

Performing this technique[edit]

The Turnip Free Pull is significantly difficult to perform and it takes lot of practice to pull off without B-sticking because of timing involved. To perform this technique, Peach must turn the opposite direction. As she turns around, pluck a Turnip and hit left (or right). If performed perfectly, Peach will slide to the opposite direction. It is a bit easier to perform this technique with B-sticking or setting Z to special.


Bone-Walking (also known as Turnip Dash Pull) is similar to Turnip Free Pull, except it allows Peach to pull Turnip while sliding forward one-third across Final Destination. It was discovered by Bone. Just like the previous technique, it is also difficult to pull off because of timing involved without B-sticking. To perform this technique, Peach must be Fox-trotting. At the end of short Fox-trot on frame 22, pluck a Turnip, and then do a Hadoken motion (quarter circle forward). It can be done with C-stick set to special attack. The length of the Peach's slide depends on the duration and the hand techniques that player use to turnips pull. There are many applications similar to Turnip Free Pull.

  • Frame data
    • Short fox-trot duration: 21 frames (IASA on frame 22)
    • Free-pull frames: 22-34


The Turnip Free Pull and Bone-Walking can be used in many ways. It is great for in defensive game, approaching, camping, edgeguarding, match-ups (especially against Meta Knight), and combing with Glide Toss.


  • These techniques are unrelated to Glide Toss, down tilt slide, and Turnip ledge cancel.

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