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Frozen turnip glitch

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The frozen turnip glitch is a Super Smash Bros. Melee technique discovered by Afrotaki circa December 2002. The glitch is exclusive to Version 1.0 and occurs when a character holding an item is hit on the first frame of an attack that hides held items on its first frame. Only two attacks fit these criteria: Peach's Parasol and Mr. Game & Watch's down tilt, hence why the glitch was first discovered with Vegetables and given its name. The cause of the glitch was discovered by Evsen in December 2015.

Once the character holding the item has been hit, the item remains forever frozen. It does not animate and does not move when thrown, hanging in the air indefinitely (though some items expire after a length of time). It can be regrabbed and moved elsewhere, which increases the item's grabbable range, which can stretch over the entire screen if this is repeated many times. The item retains its hitbox, though some items can only strike once, while others can hit repeatedly. If the item has an extra function, it may or may not work correctly if regrabbed, such as the Fire Flower continuously shooting out non-damaging flames.

The glitch has occurred in a tournament in a pools match of Armada versus Savestate at Super Smash Con 2018. It was Armada's first time encountering it in a tournament, and coincidentally his last Melee singles tournament before his retirement.


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