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Master Hand laser glitch

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The glitch in action, wherein Master Hand fires continuous lasers from his fingertips.

The Master Hand laser glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It can occur only when a player controls Master Hand through the use of a GameShark, an Action Replay, or the Master Hand glitch.


This glitch must be executed after the player takes control of Master Hand. Additionally, the item switch must be set to spawn Super Mushrooms and/or Poison Mushrooms. Once in a match, Master Hand must come into contact with a mushroom. The player must then initiate Master Hand's up special attack (Laser) shortly before he reverts to his normal size. If the glitch is executed correctly, the laser beams will remain on Master Hand's fingertips after the attack's conclusion. These lasers will still deal damage, and they will not impede Master Hand's ability to use other attacks. If the player performs this glitch multiple times, Master Hand's lasers will become thicker and deal increased damage as they are layered on top of one another. This glitch has the potential to crash the game.

Training Mode provides an alternate way to execute this glitch. After Master Hand uses his laser attack, the player must use the mode's "Reset" command. This method of execution will cause Master Hand to face the wrong way and occasionally aim some attacks in the opposite direction of the opponent.

This glitch can be performed with Crazy Hand, but only if Master Hand is present as well. If Master Hand is not present, the game will freeze before Crazy Hand's lasers can appear, although Action Replay codes can fix this so Crazy Hand can use lasers without Master Hand being present. Crazy Hand can also perform this glitch without mushrooms by initiating a combo attack.


Execution of the glitch begins at 0:39.