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The black character glitch shown on Fox.

The black character glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows the player to use an all-black character. Normally the color scheme is exclusive to a single CPU Link enemy in the event match Link's Adventure. It is a method of the Name Entry glitch, discovered by Exchord92.

The mode must be set on Team Battle. The characters chosen must be all the same, and on the same team. After that, the glitch is induced by starting the match using the Name Entry glitch.


The all black character glitch works because when two or more of the same character are on the same team, those same characters have to be the same color. To help identify who's who, the game has sub- colors it throws on these characters. P1 has no sub-color, P2 is lighter, and P3 is darker. Normally, there aren't supposed to be 4 people on one team, but in this case there is, so the game loads the next sub-color, which happens to be all black (there are also "all grey" and "all pink" sub-colors, only available through the debug menu), and the pink sub-color requires a code to load.

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