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The black hole on Hyrule Temple

The black hole glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee that causes several of Peach's Vegetables to become stuck in a small area. Characters that touch the concentrated turnips will receive massive damage in seconds. The glitch was discovered by Aftermath and Juce in late 2004. There are a number of methods to perform the glitch, all of which involve Peach throwing several Vegetables into a stream of Super Scope shots. The glitch does not work in Brawl and Smash 4 for several reasons, the main reason being the inability to perform the Infinite Super Scope glitch.

Performing the glitch[edit]

Method #1[edit]

This method is the most well-known and first one reported. It requires 4 human players.




Any stage where two characters can face each other horizontally far apart while a third stands below them can be used. Examples include:

*These stages are not recommended, as the glitch only works when certain platforms are out.


  1. Have the two Foxes/Falcos stand on opposite platforms facing each other, while Peach stands underneath them.
  2. Have the fourth character pick up a Super Scope, and perform the Infinite Super Scope glitch on it.
  3. The fourth character must stand behind the Fox/Falco that is on the same team as them.
  4. Both Foxes/Falcos must use and hold Reflector.
  5. Have the fourth character begin continuously firing the Super Scope. The shots should pass through the Fox/Falco in front of them (as they are on the same team and Friendly Fire is disabled), reflect off the other Fox/Falco, and then be reflected back by the first Fox/Falco, creating a long stream of shots back and forth. A single clang bubble should appear in the middle of the stream.
  6. Have Peach jump upward into the stream a number of times, to potentially create additional clang bubbles. If done correctly, these bubbles should remain as long as the fourth character continues firing the Super Scope. If additional clang bubbles fail to appear after several attempts, it may help to stop firing the Super Scope and then re-start firing.
  7. After enough attempts, there should be an unbroken line of at least a dozen clang bubbles overlapping between the two Foxes/Falcos. If performed correctly, these should remain even after the fourth character stops firing the Super Scope. (It is common to see around 6-8 clang bubbles right next to each other in a row as an intermediate step; this alone is not enough. There must be an unbroken, overlapping line of them.)
  8. Have the fourth character stop firing the Super Scope. Peach should now use Vegetable and throw at least 15 of them into the same place in the stream, where they should get stuck. Throwing too many however may cause the game to freeze.
  9. Once the Vegetables are in place, the fourth character should jump in front of the Fox/Falco he/she was behind, breaking the line of clang bubbles and Super Scope shots. This should leave only the ~15 Vegetables spinning in place. (If Peach had thrown around 13 or fewer, the mass of Vegatables would at this point fall apart.)
  10. The black hole glitch is now complete. Any character who enters the mass of Vegetables will get stuck and almost immediately take up to 999% damage. A player may use DI to escape.

Method #2[edit]

This method is best when 4 human players are not available, and can be performed with as few as 2 players.



Any flat, unmoving stage whose length is longer than the range of a Super Scope shot. Final Destination is recommended.


  • 2-4 Super Scopes


  1. Have each of the Ice Climbers pick up 2 Super Scopes, and perform the Infinite Super Scope glitch on all of them.
  2. Have all Ice Climbers stand at one end of the stage while Peach stands at the other end, out of range.
  3. All Ice Climbers should begin firing. The shots must form a continuous stream with no uneven gaps, as in (● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●) rather than (●●  ●●  ●●  ●●). The latter may occur most frequently when there is only 1 Ice Climbers and 2 Super Scopes used; if it does, then have the Ice Climbers perform Belay or some other move that temporarily desynchs them before firing, to alter the timing.
  4. While the Ice Climbers are firing, Peach must throw 15 or more Vegetables into the same location in the stream of shots. After enough Vegetables are in place, the Ice Climbers can stop firing, leaving the Vegetables suspended on the stage, forming the black hole.


After the black hole has been constructed, various modifications can be made. Beware that too many of these may cause a lot of lag or cause the game to freeze.


The Ultranova, caused by addition of PK Fire.

The most well-known modification is commonly named the "Ultranova". To perform this, have the fourth character in Method #1 above be Ness, and perform PK Fire into the black hole, surrounding it with flames.


  • Items such as Flippers and Freezies can be thrown into the black hole for additional effects.
  • When Party Balls are thrown into the black hole, they will get stuck. Anyone who touches the Party Ball will take a large amount of damage.
  • Certain Pokémon can interact with the black hole:
    • If Togepi or Articuno freezes someone who is trapped in the black hole, they will be stuck in one position, and they will continue to use Blizzard indefinitely. Anybody frozen by the Blizzard attack will be stuck in one spot, and will never thaw out.
    • If Wobbuffet touches the black hole, it will be stuck in one position, and anyone who touches it will take a huge amount of damage and knockback if the player DIs out of it.
    • If Snorlax falls onto somebody who is trapped in the black hole, it will be stuck in its falling position, and anybody who touches it will take a large amount of damage.
  • If Fox/Falco uses Fox Illusion/Falco Phantasm through the black hole, the blue 'ghost' Fox/Falco will remain behind and not dissipate.
  • Various attacks where part of a character is temporarily invincible or otherwise avoids getting hit can be used on the black hole, and the character and attack will be frozen in place while any effects of the attack are maintained. The character can be released from the black hole by being attacked by another character; however, if the entirety of the character is invincible during the attack, the only way to escape is to dissipate the black hole entirely.
    • If Ness uses his forward aerial or back aerial into the black hole, the attack can get stuck while Ness remains undamaged. Anyone who enters the black hole at this time will produce a spark effect from the attack.
    • If Mario uses Super Jump Punch into the black hole, it will continuously sprout coins as long as Mario stays stuck.
    • If Mr. Game & Watch uses Judgement on another character stuck in the black hole, the black hole will continuously produce any effects of the Judgement move (such as flames for #5, electricity from #6, and freezing effects from #8).
    • If Sheik uses Chain on the black hole, it will get stuck inside.
    • If Pikachu uses Quick Attack on the black hole, any character who enters will get shocked.
    • If Link or Young Link throws a Bomb at the black hole, it will get stuck but will still explode within the usual timeframe.


A weaker variant of the "Ultranova" that also involves Ness's PK Fire, the "Supernova" can be performed by first KO'ing one Fox/Falco so that he gains temporary invincibility from the revival platform. While invincible, Fox/Falco should enter the black hole and use Reflector, which will cause him to get stuck. Ness should then use PK Fire ~15 times into the black hole. Finally, have Peach remove her Vegetables from the black hole (by air-grabbing them with Z). This should leave the PK Fires alone stuck together.

Removing the black hole[edit]

To remove the black hole, simply have Peach air-grab the Vegetables from inside. Once the number of Vegetables has dropped to ~13 or fewer, the black hole will fall apart by itself. This can also be done by any other character unaffected by the Vegetables (such as a character on the same team as Peach with Friendly Fire off, or a temporarily invincible character).



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