Infinite Super Scope glitch

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The Infinite Super Scope glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows players to shoot the Super Scope a seemingly infinite number of times, including charged shots. This is simply a name used to popularize the glitch, however, as the Infinite Super Scope glitch does not give the Super Scope truly infinite ammo; rather, it gives it a ridiculously large number of shots to the Super Scope, giving the idea of infinite ammo.

How to perform[edit]

First, the player must grab a Super Scope with full ammo and fire 15 individual shots with it; since tapping the A button once results in a volley of three shots every time, this can be done by pressing it 5 times. Following this, the player must fire two fully charged shots from the Super Scope, and finally, charge one more shot and have someone attack them before they fire, neither too early nor too late. After this, the glitch should be triggered.


From a programming standpoint, a coding oversight could be to blame for this glitch.

  • The 15 individual shots, plus the two fully charged shots, bring the Super Scope's ammo to nearly zero.
  • Charging a shot deducts ammo from the reserve. Overcharging drives the number below 0.
  • If the game is not properly programmed, instead of remaining below 0, the ammo count will rollover to an extremely high value (for example, 65,535).
  • The character gets attacked and the shot is never fired. The ammo remains extremely high.

Thus, if the game does not realize there has been a rollover, the Super Scope will receive far more ammo than a player can count - a seemingly infinite amount.

The Infinite Super Scope glitch is most well-known as being a necessary step in completing the black hole glitch.