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Ice Climbers on fire glitch

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The Ice Climbers on fire glitch is a glitch in Melee that was discovered and named by Mew2King, and it was first documented on his website.

How to Perform[edit]

The player must grab a Fire Flower with Popo, jump in the air, then press the Z button to have Popo release the Fire Flower in the air and then grab it almost immediately with Nana. Afterwards, the player must press and hold the A button for Nana to use the Fire Flower, then input a down special without releasing the A button. Popo and Nana will then do their Blizzard attack and Nana will be on fire (holding the Fire Flower with fire coming out of it constantly) the whole time until she drops the item or gets KO'd.


  • The glitch has no practical applications due to the fact that the flames do no damage as they have no associated hitboxes. This is because, as Mew2King states in his description of the glitch, the Fire Flower itself is not being used to produce the flames, it is required merely to produce the effect.
  • If the Fire Flower is used while the glitch is active, the glitch flames will be replaced by the usual ones produced by the Fire Flower, but they will not last forever as the item runs out of energy after a while. When this happens, the glitch flames return, once again doing no damage.
  • This glitch only works in the NTSC 1.0 and 1.1 versions.