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Item pickup glitch

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The item pickup glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee that allows the player to carry items that cannot normally be carried. It can only be performed by Mr. Game & Watch.

To do it, Mr. Game & Watch has to walk or wavedash towards the item and start a neutral attack. As he glides into the proximity of the item, Mr. Game & Watch will start picking up the item. He must then be stunned by an attack or by touching a Mushroom during this pickup process.

Some items, such as Food or the Warp Star, will behave in a special way, as they will travel through the stage and opponents and be unaffected by gravity when thrown. They can be dropped on the ground normally by pressing Z. The player is able to press A to attack while carrying such an item.

This glitch does not work in the 1.2 and PAL versions of the game.


Items affected by the glitch are listed here.

Item Notes
Barrel Cannon
Bunny Hood
Cloaking Device
Food, Maxim Tomato, Heart Container, Egg An indefinite amount of food items can be picked up by picking up 2 food items and dying repeatedly, until no more items can be spawned.
Hammer The Hammer will swing, but it will never expire.
Metal Box
Trophy When dropped or thrown, will be located at its origin.
Warp Star