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Same color glitch

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The glitch's effect in Melee. Notice the lack of team shading.

The same color glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl activated in VS Mode that causes two or more players to have the same alternate costume without being in Team Battle or having the shaded versions of the color scheme. This glitch was completely fixed in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, although it can still apply if players picking random get the same character and color as someone else.

How to perform the glitch[edit]

In Melee[edit]

  1. One player must be set to Human and choose a character and the desired color scheme
  2. Another player must also be set to Human and highlight the same character. They must also choose a color scheme adjacent to the other chosen scheme (as in pressing X or Y once)
  3. The players performing the glitch must simultaneously perform the following actions:
    1. The player with the desired color scheme must deselect the character.
    2. The other player must quickly press the X or Y button to highlight the desired color scheme.
    3. This can be repeated if other players would like to use the same color scheme.

If done correctly, every player will be using the same color scheme. Unlike in Team Battle, however, there will be no shading on either players' character. This process must be repeated every time a match is finished/exited, because highest port (closest to P4) takes the color chosen and from there each port (starting with P1) takes another color.

In Brawl[edit]

Snapshot of the Same Color Glitch performed in Brawl
The glitch's effect in Brawl.
  1. One player must be set to Human and choose a character and the desired color scheme
  2. Another player must be set to Human and choose the same character.
  3. Change P1 to None.
  4. Change P2 to the color scheme previously used by P1.
  5. Any additional players who want to do the glitch should repeat the steps taken by P2, but P2 must also disconnect and P3/P4 must choose the same character and costume.
  6. Turn Team Battle on.
  7. Change all disconnected players to Human.
  8. Turn Team Battle off.

If done correctly, all players should be the same palette swap at the start of the match, without any shading. This glitch can be done using any character by any combination of controller ports. However, the glitch will fix itself after the match is finished/exited by assigning the lowest port as the color selected and each port after gets the next color.