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Peach (SSBM)/Down special

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This article is about the hitbox visualization in Super Smash Bros. Melee. For the move itself, see Vegetable.


Hitbox duration of a turnip pull.
Hitbox duration of a turnip throw whilst grounded.

Peach's down special move is known as Vegetable, and involves her pulling out turnips from the ground. The faces of the turnips pulled vary, with each one being unique in terms of damage and knockback dealt. Different turnips are pulled out randomly, though the more powerful ones are rarer. The weakest and most common turnip is the normal, "smiley face" turnip, whereas the strongest and rarest turnip is the infamous Stitch Face. Peach can also pull out a Mr. Saturn, Bob-omb, or Beam Sword, which are rarer than the Stitch Face. Peach's turnips are known as very useful projectiles due to being able to keep opponents at bay and assist in aerial combos and gimping offstage opponents, and are a large part of Peach's stage control in general.

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Damages and probabilities[1]

Type Damage Probability
Normal 6-10% 4445/7424 ≈ 59.873%
Carrot Eyes 6-10% 762/7424 ≈ 10.264%
Line Eyes 6-10% 635/7424 ≈ 8.553%
Circle Eyes 6-10% 381/7424 ≈ 5.132%
Eyebrow Eyes 6-10% 381/7424 ≈ 5.132%
Wink 10-14% 508/7424 ≈ 6.843%
Dot Eyes 16-20% 127/7424 ≈ 1.711%
Stitch Face 34-38% 127/7424 ≈ 1.711%
Mr. Saturn 3/768 ≈ 0.391%
Bob-omb 2/768 ≈ 0.260%
Beam Sword 1/768 ≈ 0.130%

All turnips will do 5-7% damage when dropped with a neutral Z or when knocked loose by an opponent. Damage of normal turnip throws varies depending on the type of throw and the distance that the turnip travels in the air.


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