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Header in Ultimate
User Wii Fit Trainer
Universe Wii Fit
Send a ball flying with a header.
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Header (ヘディング, Heading), known as Heading in the PAL version, is the Wii Fit Trainer's side special move in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Wii Fit Trainer jumps up and headbutts a green soccer ball, making the ball travel on an angled trajectory downward. The ball will bounce once before following another long arc, and then disappears. The ball can be hit early by pressing the button again, which changes the angle it is hit at. The ball deals 7% damage if it directly hits the opponent before touching the ground. Once the ball has bounced, contact with it will deal 6% damage. If the opponent is directly in front of Wii Fit Trainer when the ball is being headbutted, they will be hit twice: once by the headbutt, which causes 8% damage, and the second time by the ball, which also inflicts 8% damage. Anyone who is hit with the headbutt portion is meteor smashed. The Wii Fit Trainer can cancel the move right before headbutting the ball, causing him/her to fall into their helpless state. The ball will fall to the ground and bounce once or twice before disappearing. During this time, it can be hit by Wii Fit Trainer or an opponent to send it flying in various directions, acting like the Soccer Ball item, except lacking the power.

While being an awkward projectile to use on the ground at point blank range, Header is a useful tool at the edge, especially offstage. In addition to stalling and giving the Trainer a boost in height once activated, it is also a fantastic edgeguard breaking tool as the angle the ball flies is perfect for hitting a grounded opponent while offstage. Opponents have to shield or get hit by the ball if they try and edgeguard the Trainer, and as they also risk getting hit with the meteor smashing headbutt if they try and interrupt the move, it is a relatively safe option for the Trainer to get back on stage. With its ability to be cancelled, it can also be used as a fake-out at the edge, making it one of the better offstage options.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Header 2. Huge Header 3. Weighted Header
"Head a soccer ball at opponents. Press the button again to head the ball early." "Head a larger ball that's slightly slower and less powerful but easier to hit with." "Head a heavy ball that's more powerful but quick to drop to the ground."
  1. Header: Default.
  2. Huge Header (known as Over-Pumped Football in the PAL version): The ball that is spawned is particularly big, and has a low gravity. It is slower and deals less damage. When launched, it travels in a high arch before bouncing a total of four more times. With each bounce, the ball's height decreases, as well as power. Initially the ball will inflict 4% damage. The ball will inflict 3% after the second, third, and fourth bounce. After the fifth bounce, it will inflict 2% and disappear. Being hit by the headbutt of the Wii Fit Trainer's attack will inflict 14% damage total; any contact with the ball afterwards always deals 3%. Cancelling the move will allow the ball to stay in play longer than the standard variation.
    In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, this variation is a Challenge unlock, only obtainable by getting a maximum combo of 10 or more in Training mode.
  3. Weighted Header (known as Weighted Football in the PAL version): The ball is heavier and faster than the other variations. When used, the ball is shot one character length away from Wii Fit Trainer, almost immediately touching the ground. The ball deals 12% damage upon impact, and has considerable knockback. When the ball lands, it rolls across the floor a very short distance before disappearing. If it makes contact while rolling, it deals 8% or 9% damage, with little knockback. When the move is cancelled, the ball quickly drops to the floor, harmless, and almost immediately disappears.


The soccer balls originate from Soccer Heading, a Balance Game in Wii Fit[1] that requires the player to lean left or right on the Wii Balance Board to control their Mii in order to headbutt incoming soccer balls. The game is won by successfully heading as many soccer balls as possible while avoiding other objects.



  • Early in development, the soccer ball was green and blue (as opposed to green and black), and didn't have the Wii Fit logo circle.


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