Fruit Recycle

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Fruit Recycle, Fruit Recycling, or Fruit Loops, is a technique that allows Pac-Man to charge a Bonus Fruit again if he catches it, letting him perform more complex combos than he could in Smash 4. To do this, one must first recatch a Bonus Fruit, and then input neutral special. This allows Pac-Man to continue charging his Bonus Fruit from the fruit he's currently holding. This has several applications, such as using a fruit to hit an enemy and then turning it into a different fruit to perform setups, slightly charging the fruit, then using it again and recatching it again, or simply using charge cancelling to put a caught Bonus Fruit back into storage. This allows Pac-Man to have more variety in his combos and allow for more mix-ups. You can find an example here.

Kirby can also perform this technique by copying Pac-Man's Bonus Fruit ability using Inhale.