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Fire Hydrant

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Fire Hydrant
Pac-Man Down B SSBU.gif
Pac-Man using Fire Hydrant in Ultimate.
User Pac-Man
Universe Pac-Man

Fire Hydrant (消火栓, Fire Hydrant) is Pac-Man's down special move.


Pac-Man throws a fire hydrant below himself: enemies hit by the falling hydrant take 9% damage. If the hydrant lands on the ground, it will stay in place and shoot out water two times. The direction of the shots depends on Pac-Man's position: if he's above the hydrant, water is shot from the top, pushing characters upwards; otherwise it is shot from both sides, pushing them horizontally. All fighters, including Pac-Man himself, are affected.

The hydrant can also be attacked: once it has taken at least 13% damage (12% before version 1.0.4 of Super Smash Bros. 4), it is launched in the direction of the attack. Characters hit by the thrown hydrant (including Pac-Man if the hydrant was launched by an opponent) take 13% damage and high knockback.

A hydrant dropped on a steep incline will instantly start rolling down it, knocking away opponents and turning the move into a fast and formidable projectile in such circumstances.

If a character uses a smash attack on a fire hydrant and launches it, they will not make any sounds.

If a fire hydrant lands on an opponent then the opponent will be dealt 23.4% damage and above depending on the accuracy of the attack.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS case foldout Pac-ManHeadSSB4-3.png Drop a fire hydrant that sprays water, pushing foes.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List Pac-ManHeadSSBU.png Summons a fire hydrant that shoots powerful jets of water, pushing nearby fighters.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Fire Hydrant 2. On-Fire Hydrant 3. Dire Hydrant
"Summon a fire hydrant that shoots powerful jets of water that push nearby fighters." "Summon a fire hydrant that unleashes fire instead of water. Careful—it'll hurt you too!" "Summon a fire hydrant that will explode after a while or when it hits the ground."
  1. Fire Hydrant: Default.
  2. On-Fire Hydrant: Shoots fire out three times. This fire can inflict 4% to 8% damage every time it touches anyone, including Pac-Man. Direct contact with the hydrant when Pac-Man drops it inflicts 8% damage and has a fire effect. When the hydrant is launched by an attack, any contact with it will inflict 15% damage, with lower knockback than the standard hydrant. In addition, it takes less damage to launch than the regular variation.
  3. Dire Hydrant: Pac-Man drops a hydrant that explodes upon touching the ground. When used in the air, the hydrant will explode after falling a short distance, or when it makes contact with a foe. The explosion will inflict 10%, and has a fire effect. Despite being an explosion, it has low knockback and is an inefficient method to KO an opponent, even at high percentages. The explosion does not hurt Pac-Man.
In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, this variation is a Challenge unlock, only obtainable by scoring at least 200000 points on Stage 2 of Target Blast in a single game.


Fire Hydrant's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
Fire Hydrant's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Fire Hydrant
NTSC Fire hydrants appear as obstacles in the game PAC-LAND. Some of them shoot water, and some even reveal items when pushed. In Smash Bros., PAC-MAN's down special puts a fire hydrant under him that shoots water to push foes. Try dropping it on someone returning to the stage!
Arcade: PAC-LAND (1984)
PAL Fire hydrants appear as obstacles in the game PAC-LAND. Some of them shoot water, and some even reveal items when pushed. In this game, PAC-MAN's down special puts a fire hydrant under him that shoots water to push back foes. Try using it as a wall or dropping it on someone who's off the stage!
Arcade: PAC-LAND (1984 (JP))


Using the Fire Hydrant on Pac-Land next to one of the stage's pre-existing Fire Hydrants can prevent Pac-Man's own Fire Hydrant from properly falling to the ground; as a result, other characters can get stuck underneath the Hydrant as it constantly "falls", inflicting significant damage to opponents.

In Ultimate, a rare glitch exists where the windbox of the Fire Hydrant can unintentionally launch characters far more than usual.


Pac-Man next to a Fire Hydrant in Pac-Land

In the game Pac-Land, fire hydrants appear as common obstacles. They shoot water that can push Pac-Man away, acting as a hazard should he be pushed towards ghosts. Unlike in Smash, however, Pac-Man cannot spawn them or use them as a weapon against enemies.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 消火栓
UK English Fire Hydrant
France French Bouche d'incendie
Germany German Hydrant
Spain Spanish (PAL) Boca de riego
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Hidrante
Italy Italian Idrante
China Chinese 消防栓
South Korea Korean 소화전
Netherlands Dutch Brandkraan
Russia Russian Пожарный гидрант


  • The Fire Hydrant has a special property in which fighters standing on it will be forced into an airborne state during a short window after water is fired upwards. This is because the water is a windbox, and windboxes cannot lift opponents off the ground, so the hydrant makes them airborne in order for them to be affected by it.
    • If a fighter standing on the hydrant is invincible, they will appear to become glitched for a moment, but this is just the hydrant repeatedly putting them into the air, and them landing on it again.
  • As the Fire Hydrant is a constantly active hitbox throughout its lifetime, counterattacks and moves such as Gravitational Pull can retaliate against the hydrant even if it has landed.
  • Prior to the release of Ultimate, it was showcased that the blobs of water could be destroyed by both Pac-Man and his opponents. In the final game, however, this is absent.