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Steve using TNT in Ultimate.
User Steve
Universe Minecraft

TNT (TNT火薬, TNT Gunpowder) is Steve's down special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Steve places a block of TNT in front of him or right below him if performed in the air. TNT requires 50 "points" of materials to place, which are consumed least-valuable first; each dirt is worth 2 points, each wood and stone are worth 5, and each iron is worth 10. If the special move button is tapped while on the ground, Steve will place the TNT in front of him with a pressure plate under him; the plate must be released first to arm it. Stepping on or attacking the plate will then detonate the TNT and result in a large explosion for high damage and knockback; the closer to the TNT a player is, the more damage and knockback they'll take. This explosion can also harm the Steve player that spawned it. Notably, the pressure plate can be triggered by the Minecart, opening up possibilities for traps and setups for Steve players.

If the player posesses redstone, they can create a trail ending with a pressure plate that can be placed by moving while holding the special move button after placing the TNT, which will form in block-wide lengths in front of Steve. Steve can safely walk through the TNT to place the trail on the other side. After placing a trail, releasing the special move button will convert the redstone in front of Steve into a pressure plate. Any case of the TNT exploding via the pressure plate will increase the damage it does. Each unit of redstone can place a trail of up to 9 blocks long. While the player can hold a maximum of 15 redstone at a time, a redstone trail is limited to a length of 10.

A TNT dropped from the air will have no redstone trail but can be applied with one if Steve stands next to the TNT, performs a down special and holds the special move button. The same can be done next to a pressure plate to place or extend a redstone trail. If a TNT block is struck with an attack, it will be knocked away a bit and reduce its detonation timer. If the TNT is knocked over one block length away from its redstone/pressure plate, the latter will disappear and be wasted and the TNT loses its trigger, but can be reapplied with one if the TNT's remaining time allows it.

Notably, using TNT while airborne will stall Steve in the air momentarily, allowing for advanced recovery techniques such as supplying the extra hang time needed to use the minecart twice in midair.

The TNT also detonates when hit enough times, being especially unstable to flame moves. The TNT explosion triggers a Special Zoom if it hits anyone who didn't trip the pressure plate. If two Steve players place their TNT blocks next to each other, an activated pressure plate will detonate both of them at once. Players that activated the pressure plate but are within range of the explosion will take half the explosion's damage and knockback, and no Special Zoom. Notably, the main explosion's hitbox is special in that it will not harm the player who triggered the pressure plate but within that hitbox is another hitbox that damages every player regardless of the detonator. This central hitbox has considerably smaller vertical range than the main explosion hitbox, which allows players a safe option to detonate the TNT while within range and still damage opponents without getting hit themselves.

KOs caused by a TNT explosion will be credited to the player who triggered the pressure plate or set it off with an attack, regardless of the Steve that spawned it. Otherwise, the KO will count towards that Steve.

The TNT block itself can be mined from, which will yield only iron and redstone in addition to the rare materials, gold and diamond. Mining the TNT block does not affect its duration in play.

TNT is also seen in House of Boom, where it is ignited through Creeper explosions, destroying the structure and damaging the opponent.

Redstone techniques[edit]

The state in which Steve is placing redstone allows for numerous advanced techniques to be carried out. In this state, Steve has no collision with opponents and entities such as Anvil, allowing him to walk through them. Furthermore, if Steve redstone walks into an anvil and cancels the placement of redstone while walking outwards, he is able to gain a significant horizontal burst, allowing him to rapidly approach opponents.

If Steve jumps out of a redstone walk, he is able to bypass his usual jumpsquat and will airborne on frame 1, effectively giving him a frame 1 jump compared to the standard three frames. For an unknown reason, Steve is given a buffered footstool if he jumps out of redstone walk, meaning he will automatically footstool any nearby opponents. This means that redstone walk gives him access to a frame 1 footstool due to the buffered footstool and frame 1 jump. This is significantly faster than the rest of the cast, who (if timed perfectly) can achieve a 4-frame footstool.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout[edit]

The Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout (FGUK) is an advanced technique that allows Steve to place a TNT onto a platform above him and instantly teleport onto it. To carry out the technique, you must place a TNT at a very specific height while under a platform. The utility of the FGUK lies in how any opponent standing above Steve will also be placed onto the TNT. This allows Steve to hard-punish opponents who shield on platforms; once the sheilding opponent is standing on the TNT, Steve can do a TNT down-smash to *knockout* (heavily damage) the opponent.

Normally, the FGUK is frame perfect, limiting its utility. However, on the Hollow Bastion stage, the window for a FGUK is significantly larger, allowing it to be realistically performed. In addition, Steve can buffer a FGUK on Hollow Bastion by standing under the platform, doing a Block no-impact landing (NIL1) followed by an up-tilt upsmash while standing on the block so that the up-smash is cancelled by the block break. Just before the up-smash is cancelled, you must input a jump and down-b; if done correctly, Steve will automatically perform the FGUK once the TNT is broken. In addition, if an opponent is sheilding on the platform above steve, the up-smash and up-tilt from the buffer setup will act as effective sheild pressure prior to the FGUK.

Queen cancel[edit]

A queen cancel refers to an advanced technique exclusive to Steve that allows him to cancel the detonation of a TNT upon landing on its connected pressure plate, discovered by WhyDo. The primary method of executing a queen cancel requires golden tools, hence the name. The technique may be carried out by placing a TNT and pressure plate on the ground, then doing a shorthop reverse aerial rush such that Steve is facing away from the TNT followed by three perfectly buffered golden axe up-airs. If performed correctly, Steve will land on the pressure plate as the third up-air ends. By buffering down-special as he lands, he will trigger the pressure plate sound effect while simultaneously relocating the pressure plate to the space next to him (opposite the TNT) and preventing it from exploding. This technique can be highly valuable for mindgames; if you can predict that your opponent will shield, you may carry out the queen cancel and punish the opponent's shield with a grab or other option: as mentioned earlier, the pressure plate sound effect will not be cancelled, making it difficult to react to the queen cancel. Conversely, if the opponent decides to approach for an attack as they believe you will not trigger the TNT, you may abandon the queen cancel by simply not inputting a down-special on landing, detonating the TNT and hard-punishing the opponent.

An alternate version of the queen cancel may be carried out which does not require golden tools: rather than inputting three golden up-air following the shorthop reverse aerial rush, you may instead input two neutral airs with any sword material except for gold. Although this method may be more accessible due to not needing gold, it is significantly more difficult to execute.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List Steve's stock icon. Use several materials to create an explosive block. Hold the special-move button and left or right to use redstone and place a plate that can set off the block.


A player igniting TNT.

TNT is a block that can be crafted using 5 gunpowder and 4 sand. When activated, it ignites for a few seconds before exploding, creating a crater. TNT can be detonated using a flint and steel, any redstone device, a flaming arrow and other nearby explosions. When the block was first introduced in a "Java Edition" Classic version, it could also be primed by being hit by a player; this functionality is still accessible via commands in the "Java" and "Bedrock" editions.

Due to the absence of gunpowder in Ultimate, other common materials are used as an ingredient instead, like dirt and stone.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese TNT火薬
UK English TNT
France French TNT
Germany German TNT
Spain Spanish Dinamita
Italy Italian Tritolo
China Chinese (Simplified) TNT
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 炸藥
South Korea Korean TNT
Netherlands Dutch TNT
Russia Russian Динамит


  • Despite TNT blocks being the same size as other blocks in Minecraft, TNT blocks in Smash are smaller than the blocks that Steve places with Create Block, his crafting table, and the blocks in Minecraft World.