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Steve Side B SSBU.gif
Steve using an unpowered Minecart in Ultimate.
User Steve
Universe Minecraft
For the stage element, see Minecart (vehicle).

Minecart (トロッコ, Minecart) is Steve's side special move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Steve uses up a piece of iron to pull out a minecart, and begins placing tracks along the ground to move from side to side. The cart can be controlled while ridden, but its poor handling while on rails makes the utility of such situational. Each rail uses up 1 of any material — first dirt/sand/wool, then wood, stone, and finally iron — with the better materials providing more rails per unit. Rails may be reused for free if the minecart reverses into them before they disappear. The minecart will halt movement if there are no tracks for it. The minecart has difficulties making uphill movements and may even roll backwards when going up steep hills, but is reasonably fast on the ground and moves quickly when going downhill. If a cart hits a wall, it will bounce in the other direction.

Pressing jump will have Steve hop out of the minecart, after which the cart will roll off on its own, but without rails, it will eventually slow to a stop. Hopping out of the minecart can also aid in Steve's recovery. If an empty cart runs into a grounded opponent, it will trap them inside the Minecart without being able to control it. The empty minecart has a grab hitbox, so it cannot be shielded. However, a minecart ridden by a Steve can be shielded, as it has a normal hitbox while occupied. An empty minecart hitting an airborne opponent will only knock them away for average damage. The chances of a trapped character escaping depend on their damage percentage, and mashing repeatedly will also cause the trapping duration to decrease. Opponents being trapped could potentially lead to an offstage KO if the opponent does not escape fast enough or even a combo into one of Steve's own attacks. Steve may reenter the cart after jumping out, but this can only be done twice per minecart. Reflectors are able to reflect both a ridden and empty Minecart.

If the player possesses gold and redstone while Minecart is active, those materials will be used to place a powered rail upon using the move, which accelerates the cart and allows it to ride up inclines and increase its damage. Pressing the special move button again while riding the cart will add another powered rail under the cart and boost it again. If the cart reverses and rides over an already-placed powered rail, it will be boosted again at no cost of resources. Each powered rail uses up 1 gold and 1 redstone.

The minecart will break if it takes too much damage, but if Steve was the one to break it, he will be able to recover the iron he used to initiate the move. While moving, the minecart is considered a projectile even while occupied, so it can be reflected.


A glitch in version 9.0.0 can cause another Steve to be grabbed indefinitely by a Minecart. It requires one Steve to use Minecart, and a second Steve to hit him with a move before the first Steve completes the animation of getting into the minecart (most commonly with down smash). If done correctly, the second Steve will get grabbed by the Minecart, but will be unable to react at all until they are hit out of the Minecart, or pushed offstage (where they will fall to their death). This appears to occur as the first Steve has not technically "gotten into" his Minecart, confusing the game to believe the Minecart projectile has not actually spawned yet; as a result, it will not despawn the Minecart after its lifetime expires. This glitch has since been fixed in version 9.0.1.

Instructional quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List Steve's stock icon. An iron minecart will travel along the rails. Powered rails can be placed with the right materials. If empty, the minecart will carry an enemy away.


The minecart is an item crafted using 5 iron ingots. It travels on rails, crafted with 6 iron ingots and a stick. It is frequently used in Minecraft to navigate quickly through expansive mines or to simply travel on the surface of the world more quickly. Minecarts can be manually moved slowly by pressing forward. Most mobs can also ride any empty minecart by pushing it into them.

The powered rail is an item that boosts the speed of the minecart on it when powered, allowing it to travel up steep hills. It is crafted with 6 gold ingots, a stick, and redstone dust, and is activated via a power source such as a redstone torch, which can be crafted using a stick and redstone dust.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese トロッコ
UK English Minecart
France French Wagonnet
Germany German Lore
Spain Spanish Vagoneta
Italy Italian Vagonetto
China Chinese (Simplified) 矿车
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 礦車
South Korea Korean 광물 수레
Netherlands Dutch Mijnkarretje
Russia Russian Вагoнетка


  • An empty Minecart is the first grab in the series to have proper function as an actual projectile.
  • For unknown reasons, certain clone-type characters whose non-attack animations are otherwise largely identical to those of their counterparts actually have different animations from their counterparts when getting trapped within a minecart. These include Dr. Mario, Lucas, Lucina, Dark Pit, Daisy, Chrom and Dark Samus.
    • Curiously, Marth and Roy share the same trapped animation as each other, while Lucina and Chrom share a different animation from the former two with each other.