Lunar Landing

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The Lunar Landing is an advanced technique that can only be performed by Rosalina and Luma in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The technique involves auto-canceling Rosalina's aerial attacks and having Luma perform an aerial attack of its own, as its attacks will not be interrupted by landing lag. This allows the player to attack immediately with Luma upon reaching the ground without triggering an aerial attack with Rosalina, giving more options to combo and approach.

How to perform[edit]

The player must perform an aerial during its starting auto-cancel frames, causing Luma to execute its own aerial without Rosalina doing so and suffering landing lag. Proper timing is strict and precise: if the player inputs the attack too late, it will result in Rosalina suffering landing lag, whether or not the hitboxes come out.

Dashing Lunar Landing[edit]

Dashing Lunar Landing is performed by dashing right after performing a Lunar Landing. This causes Luma to follow Rosalina and slide in the direction the player inputs while doing the attack, covering more area than a normal Lunar Landing.

Delayed Lunar Landing[edit]

Delayed Lunar Landing is performing a Lunar Landing, but the animation of Rosalina's aerial appears for a short bit. This has the same applications as the normal Lunar Landing, but Rosalina will have to finish the aerial and suffer the landing lag from the move. Depending on the technical skill the player has, they will normally do more Delayed Lunar Landings over Perfect Lunar Landings.

Star Canceling[edit]

Star Canceling is a variation of Lunar Landing and involves using Luma Shot or Star Bits right after a Lunar Landing. This causes Luma to attack with an aerial, but shortly after will be canceled into a Luma Shot or Star Bits. This is a powerful combo tool and can lead into set-ups with serious shield pressure or a finisher to a stock.


The Lunar Landing gives Rosalina more options offensively and defensively, as well as improving her approach. The technique can be used to apply serious amounts of pressure on the opponent and also play mindgames on the opponent. Luma's aerials will also combo into Rosalina's moves and grabs leading in to Luma's strong aerials. It can also cover many options such as grab, attack, jump, and also bait a reaction from an opponent attempting to punish Rosalina's landing lag. Also, it allows Luma to attack while Rosalina is in shield.