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Super wavedash

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Samus's Super Wavedash on Final Destination.

The super wavedash (sometimes abbreviated as SWD) is a frame-perfect physics exploit in Super Smash Bros. Melee that can only be performed by Samus. If the player performs it right, they will go a very far distance (about as long as Final Destination), however, it is important to release the control stick after the player performs the move, otherwise their distance will not be as far. They can also "Bombhop" by pressing the direction they want to go right before the bomb explodes.


The super wavedash is performed by dropping a bomb, and as Samus is hitting the ground, immediately pressing the opposite direction desired on the 41st frame (approximately when Samus lands after dropping the bomb), then pressing the direction desired on the 42nd frame. This will result in Samus sliding across the level, as if in a normal wavedash, but she will go much farther.

It is possible, with better timing, to do a SWD falling from the air, however this method is more difficult as the player does not have the ground to judge the timing as they may fall though the air from different heights. It is also possible to cancel the SWD in order to avoid a self-destruct. Doing any move with the exception of jumping, sidestepping, using the Charge Shot or smash attacks will stop the super wave dash.

Super Duper Wavedash[edit]

Super Duper Wavedash compared to Super Wave Dash

Another variant of the Super Wave Dash is the "Super Duper Wavedash." Execution is similar to that of the Super Wave Dash, however it requires very precise timing to the point that it is only practical in TAS runs. It is performed by doing the Super Wave Dash as normal, however on frame 46 the player must hold down, shield on frame 47, and then immediately grab on frame 48. This causes the player to slide a considerable distance further than the Super Wave Dash.

Crouched bomb[edit]

When crouching and laying a bomb, as opposed to laying a bomb without crouching, Samus will skip the first 2 frames in the bomb animation. This means when performing the SWD, the player will hit the opposite direction they want to go on the 39th frame, then hit the direction they want to go on the 40th frame.

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