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Blade Beam

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Blade Beam
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Cloud using the normal and Limit Break versions of Blade Beam.
User Cloud
Universe Final Fantasy

Blade Beam (破晄撃, Blasting Clear Strike) is Cloud's neutral special move.


When used regularly, Cloud fires a green shockwave from his Buster Sword, using a rising sword slash. The initial sword slash has no hitbox and deals no damage, and the beam bursts on the first target it hits. If used on the ground, this beam deals 8% damage at close range and 6% past half distance. It travels 3/5 the length of Final Destination. The beam will follow the contour of the terrain, continuing at the terrain's angle even if it sails off an edge, making it an effective projectile on slopes. Meanwhile, if used in the air, the beam's damage is reduced by 2% at all ranges. It also travels slower, dissipating at just over half the length of Final Destination. When Cloud is firing the normal version in the air, he will stall slightly.

When Cloud is under Limit Break status (see Limit Charge), the shockwave emitted is blue and has transcendent priority. When used from the ground, its burst hits multiple times for a total of 19% damage on the first target and 13% on any targets immediately behind the first, then launches all affected. When used from the air, the values are reduced to 15%/10% for the initial target and additional targets respectively (with an expected drop in knockback). If he lands before firing the beam, this will count as him using the 'grounded' version and deal its full damage/knockback.

Both versions of the move have very large hitboxes and are difficult to dodge despite its relatively slow speed. This makes the moves decent at walling out opponents that have difficulty approaching. The move also has niche edgeguarding potential, as its hitbox extends both under and over most stages, catching opponents trying to grab the edge while Cloud remains at a safe distance.

No matter what version of Blade Beam is used, Cloud has slight horizontal maneuverability while casting it in the air. However, he cannot ledge grab until he concludes the move.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List CloudHeadSSBU.png Slashes the air to send out a shock wave. During Limit Break, the wave can hit multiple enemies.


Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros. 4. These are the variations:

1. Blade Beam
"Slash the air to send out a shock wave. The wave can hit multiple enemies during a Limit Break."
  1. Blade Beam: Default.

Like the other DLC characters, Cloud lacks custom move variations.


Blade Beam in Final Fantasy VII.

Blade Beam (also called Blade Burst in the English version of Final Fantasy VII Remake) is Cloud's first level 2 Limit Break in Final Fantasy VII. It is unlocked after killing 120 enemies. When used, Cloud fires a wave of energy that inflicts 3.5 times the damage of a normal physical attack to one enemy and creates a shockwave that deals lesser damage to other enemies. Interestingly, in Final Fantasy VII and several other forms of Final Fantasy media, Cloud does a downward slash to activate Blade Beam, as opposed to the upward slash seen in Smash.

The Limit Break version of Blade Beam resembles the version seen in Advent Children and Dissidia: Final Fantasy where it was blue in color.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 破晄撃
UK English Blade Beam
France French Contre taillade
Germany German Klingenstrahl
Spain Spanish Haz espada
Italy Italian Raggio squarciante
China Chinese (Simplified) 破晄击
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 破晄擊
South Korea Korean 파황격
Netherlands Dutch Zwaardstraal
Russia Russian Луч-лезвие


  • When fired rightward onto the Great Fox's sharkfin on Corneria, the beam will dissipate as if it struck a wall. This fin is otherwise easily walked onto.
  • When Blade Beam's Limit Break version was demonstrated during the December 15, 2015 Final Video Presentation, it was mistakenly said to have "stonger launch" instead of "stronger launch".
A grammatical error on Blade Beam's Limit Break version.
The spelling error during the presentation