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Sephiroth Down B SSBU.gif
Sephiroth using Scintilla in Ultimate.
User Sephiroth
Universe Final Fantasy

Scintilla (閃光, Flash of Light) is Sephiroth's down special move. It is a counterattack that activates whether it is triggered by an opponent or not.


Scintilla breaking after countering a Warlock Punch.

Sephiroth creates a barrier of cyan hexagons in a "honeycomb" pattern in front of himself, which bursts into a cloud of damaging sparkles a second later. This separates it from most traditional counterattacks, as the attack is triggered even if Sephiroth is not attacked, where it will deal minimum damage to any opponent within range, in effect making it similar to Focus Attack.

Unlike most counters, which deal damage based on multiplying the triggering hitbox, Scintilla behaves more akin to Charge Shot, with a linear range of damage between minimum and maximum values. The maximum damage is achieved when the triggering attack deals 18% damage. If the barrier is not hit, the move strikes at below its normal minimum power.

Scintilla cannot counter attacks that deal more than 25% damage; the barrier instead breaks, though Sephiroth will not take damage from the triggering hitbox. He is also vulnerable from behind, and the counterattack itself is a projectile, so there is risk of it being absorbed or reflected back. As a result, using Scintilla against moves with both a hitbox and a reflector is very dangerous.

The barrier resembles a reflector, particularly Reflect Barrier; however, despite its appearance, it is not a reflector itself.

When using the move, Sephiroth may say 来い ("Come."). When performing the counterattack, he may say 目障りだ ("Pathetic."), 消え去れ ("Disappear."), 愚かな ("Foolish."), いい顔だ ("I like the look on your face."), 打ち砕く ("I will crush you."), 跪け ("Kneel."), or simply chuckle.

Instead of using the magic effect on hit, Scintilla uses unique graphical effects that look like long yellow and cyan slashes with purple after-images.

Instructional Quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List Sephiroth's stock icon. Create a barrier of light in front of you. After some time passes or the barrier is struck, it will change into a Scintilla attack.


Scintilla being used in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Scintilla is a technique that originated in the Dissidia series of fighting games as one of Sephiroth's HP attacks. When triggered, Sephiroth raises a barrier to block attacks, then slashes twice with his sword, the first doing several hits of Bravery damage and the second dealing HP damage. However, depending on their damage priority, certain attacks can break the barrier to stagger Sephiroth, or hit him through it. Unlike in Dissidia, which was limited by the PSP's technical capabilities, the layout of which honeycomb tiles appear is randomized on each use in Ultimate. Scintilla also appeared in Final Fantasy VII: Remake as one of his attacks; Sephiroth no longer summons a barrier when using it and only attacks if the player attacks him.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 閃光
UK English Scintilla
France French Scintilla
Germany German Scintilla
Spain Spanish Centella
Italy Italian Scintilla
China Chinese (Simplified) 闪光
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 閃光
South Korea Korean 섬광
Netherlands Dutch Scintilla
Russia Russian Синтилла


  • If the Shadow Assist Trophy freezes Sephiroth while performing Scintilla, the counter hitbox will remain active and trigger if hit. The frozen Sephiroth will not attack until being unfrozen, but will remain intangible in the mean time.