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Piranha Plant using Piranhacopter on Mushroom Kingdom U
User Piranha Plant
Universe Mario
Article on Super Mario Wiki Piranhacopter
Spins leaves to fly. Can be moved left or right. Does damage if it makes contact.
Ultimate's move list

Piranhacopter (リーフローター, Leaf Rotor) is Piranha Plant's up special move.


When used, Piranha Plant spins its leaves and travels upward for a great amount of distance. A direction can be inputted to move Piranha Plant left or right during the ascent. However, this will lower the airtime slightly, and carries a great deal of momentum which can make it hard to control for some players. The leaves themselves deal minor damage and are capable of dragging opponents along with the player.

Once Piranhacopter ends, Piranha Plant will begin descending before entering a helpless animation. If the player lands during the descent prior to becoming helpless, they will suffer 20 frames of landing lag. However, with the helpless animation, this becomes 18, saving some frames. The helpless animation can be triggered early through fast falling during the descent.


Concept art of Jumping Piranha Plants in Super Mario World

This move is a reference to the Jumping Piranha Plant from Super Mario World. In that game, Jumping Piranha Plants jump out of pipes in an attempt to attack Mario, with their leaves fluttering in the air in a similar fashion to its iteration in Smash.