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Poison Breath

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Poison Breath
Piranha Plant Side B SSBU.gif
Piranha Plant using Poison Breath in Ultimate.
User Piranha Plant
Universe Mario
Article on Super Mario Wiki Putrid Piranha

Poison Breath (ポイズンブレス, Poison Breath) is Piranha Plant's side special move.


The move is an auto-charge special; using the move once will make Piranha Plant charge up poison until it is hit, it charge-cancels the move, or reaches full charge (indicated by purple clouds coming out of the bottom of its pot or pipe). The longer the move is charged, the larger and more damaging the poison cloud will be. Piranha Plant turns yellow with red polka-dots, purple teeth and green lips when charging and when blowing the cloud. Despite the move being a poison-based attack, it does not inflict the poison status effect, instead dealing darkness element damage.

The attack itself involves Piranha Plant blowing a purple cloud of poison directly in front of itself that slowly moves forward before dissipating. This attack also has a windbox, although it generally does nothing of note. Opponents within the cloud are dealt multiple looping hits that have no hitstun, but inflict damage very rapidly, with the uncharged move dealing up to 30% damage over its entire duration and the fully charged move dealing upwards of 50%. This allows for both powerful shield pressure (likely into shield breaks if the opponent hesitates) and massive damage on dazed opponents.

Since opponents will likely simply move out of the cloud or try to avoid it altogether, the move is ideally used either as an area denial tool (especially during ledgetrapping) or as the immediate prelude to a grab to hold the opponent inside the cloud. The cloud is also opaque and obscures everything within it, which can also allow for mindgames, such as Piranha Plant hiding within the cloud to charge a smash attack or Long-Stem Strike.

Instructional quote[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List PiranhaPlantHeadSSBU.png Spits a slow-moving poison mist. The longer it's charged, the more damage and range it has.


A Putrid Piranha as it appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

This move is based on the Putrid Piranha, an enemy in the Paper Mario series. Most notably, the Putrid Piranha's design matches with the color scheme of Piranha Plant when using this move. When encountered, Putrid Piranhas spit poison which deals damage to Mario or his allies and subsequently poisons them.

The Putrid Piranha is also referenced in Palutena's Guidance when performed for Piranha Plant, in addition to other types of Piranha Plants.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ポイズンブレス, Poison Breath
UK English Poison Breath
France French Haleine vénéneuse
Germany German Giftwolke
Spain Spanish Aliento venenoso
Italy Italian Afflato velenoso
China Chinese (Simplified) 剧毒吐息
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 劇毒吐息
South Korea Korean 포이즌 브레스, Poison Breath
Netherlands Dutch Gifadem
Russia Russian Ядодых


  • Poison Breath is the only side special move that acts as an auto-charge.
  • When Pocketed by either Villager or Isabelle, a fully-charged Poison Breath will deal a gargantuan amount of damage per hit, allowing a single cloud to rack up around 250% of total damage.