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This article is about the special move. For the Smasher, see Smasher:Cross.

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The Cross in Ultimate.
Users Simon
Universe Castlevania
Throws a cross like a boomerang. The power and distance changes if the control stick is flicked.
—Description from Ultimate's Move List

Cross (クロス, Cross) is Simon and Richter's side special move.


The user throws a boomerang that travels in a straight path and pierces opponents. Unlike other boomerangs, it does not follow the thrower's trajectory at all, and can be jumped over without varying the angle it travels, much like in the original games. If it's shielded or collides against a solid surface, the Cross bounces back and returns to the user. The angle of its knockback is based on what direction it is moving. Cross's traveling speed and distance will also change depending on how the move is inputted, similar to Samus's Missile. When Simon uses the move he may say "Begone!" while Richter may say the line "Go!"


Simon using the Cross in the original Castlevania.

The cross is a sub-weapon found throughout the Castlevania series. As a sub-weapon, usage of it requires hearts, which act as ammo. In the older games, the protagonist can have three crosses on-screen at once and can use them in conjunction with the whip to deal massive damage and effectively hold enemies in place. When the player has enough hearts, the item can be used to launch a far-stronger Item Crash, the Grand Cross.

Because Nintendo of America enforced censorship of religious material during the NES and SNES eras, the item was renamed in North America to Boomerang. The item is also colloquially known as the Crucifix on occasion when the item is instead depicted with one length of the Cross being longer than the others, thus more closely representing the religious symbol.



  • In Simon and Richter's trailer, the Cross is used as the "×" in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate × Castlevania.

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