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Super Mario Kart

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Super Mario Kart
Box art of Super Mario Kart.
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Released Japan August 27, 1992
USA September 1, 1992
Europe January 21, 1993
Genre(s) Racing
Platform(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Virtual Console
Article on Super Mario Wiki Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart (スーパーマリオカート, Super Mario Kart) is the first installment in the Mario Kart series, consequently introducing most core elements of the series. Most elements of the game, such as items and courses, were based off of Super Mario World.

In the Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

A race begins on the game's first track, Mario Circuit 1.

Super Mario Kart appears as a Masterpiece in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is available from the start, with a 3 minute time limit. The provided demo immediately starts the player on Mario Circuit 1 in the 50cc Grand Prix mode, as Mario.


While a majority of Smash Bros. items that first appeared in Super Mario Kart had debuted seven years prior, only two items that appear debuted in Super Mario Kart: the Lightning Bolt, and the Banana Peel. Similar to its appearance in Super Mario Kart and later Mario Kart games, the Lightning Bolt, when used by a player, shrinks all opponents in size, making them easier to KO; the item, however, can backfire in Smash, while it cannot do so in Mario Kart. The Banana Peel works similarly to how it works in Super Mario Kart; an opponent can place it anywhere on the stage for another opponent to slip on.

Of note is that the Red Shell item, while originating in Super Mario Bros., behaves more similarly to its appearance in Super Mario Kart. Upon being thrown, the item moves back and forward on whatever platform it lands on, quickly homing in on any opponents that land on said platform.


The music that plays in the game's Mario Circuit racetrack appears in remixed form in both Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U; the track is used in each respective game's Mario Circuit stages.


In Melee, a kart from Super Mario Kart appears as a collectible trophy, under the name "Racing Kart".