Yggdrasil's Altar

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Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition
Yggdrasil's Altar
Universe Dragon Quest
Appears in Ultimate
Home stage to Hero
Availability Downloadable
Bolded tracks must be unlocked
Ultimate Dragon Quest series music
Main: The Hero Goes Forth with a Determination
Alternate: Adventure - DRAGON QUEST III
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Yggdrasil's Altar (天空の祭壇, Altar of the Skies) is a downloadable stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is bundled with Hero as part of Challenger Pack 2 and released July 30th, 2019. As of recent, the stage (with hazards turned off) is considered viable for competitive play.

Stage Overview[edit]

At the start of a match, the stage is rooted to the ground, before rising into the air. The stage then travels over the world of Erdrea, showcasing many locations from Dragon Quest XI. The stage features many cameos from the Dragon Quest series, including Slimes, Tockles, and Cetacea. Very rarely, a Liquid Metal Slime will appear in the background of the stage. The stage also features additional platforms that fly onto the playing field periodically. Treasure Chests may occupy one of these platforms, yielding an item to the player who attacks it. However, these chests may also be Mimics in disguise which will try to attack the player. The Mimic can be fought, and defeating it will also yield an item. When additional platforms appear, a Tockle will roam the stage, and will disappear after the platforms depart.

Ω form and Battlefield form[edit]

The Ω form and Battlefield form is set on a completely flat version of the normal form's main platform that is also resized and reshaped to match Final Destination and Battlefield, respectively. The other platforms are completely absent, and the platforms in the Battlefield form are based on ones that can appear on the main stage. Like other traveling stages, both forms travel across the skies, though both forms also start off in the air rather than at the base (similar to Halberd).


Yggdrasil as it appears in Dragon Quest XI.

Yggdrasil, the world tree of Norse legend, is a recurring location in the Dragon Quest series, first introduced in Dragon Quest II. It is a giant, mythical tree that can only be found in isolated and dangerous locations, in order to prevent the general populace from approaching it. Two of the most potent healing items in the series, the Yggdrasil Leaf and Yggdrasil dew, contain the essence of the tree. It plays important roles in both Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest IX, where it appears as a late-game location in the former, and is part of the plot in the latter. While the location has appeared in multiple Dragon Quest titles, Yggdrasil's design and the Altar itself are both derived from Dragon Quest XI.