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From Bulbapedia.
Oshawott's official artwork from Pokémon Black and White.
Games SSB4
Move Surf
English voice actor Lisa Ortiz
Japanese voice actor Hitomi Nabatame
German voice actor Katharina Iacobescu
Article on Bulbapedia Oshawott (Pokémon)

Oshawott (ミジュマル, Mijumaru) is a creature from the Pokémon series.


Oshawott is a Water-type starter Pokémon of the Unova region, alongside Grass-type Snivy and Fire-type Tepig, and is categorized within the Pokédex at #501 as the "Sea Otter Pokémon". It evolves into Dewott starting at level 17, then into Samurott starting at level 36. In the Hisui region from Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Oshawott still evolves into Dewott, but then evolves into Hisuian Samurott, a Water/Dark type. The evolution line is based on samurais,[1] and is commonly associated with the move Razor Shell.

Surf is a special Water-type move with 90 (95 before Generation VI) base power and 100% accuracy which hits every Pokémon adjacent to the user, including allies. It was HM03 in every game prior to Generation VII; outside of battle, Surf let the player travel across water and it was always required to fully complete these games. Like most other Water-type Pokémon, Oshawott can learn it with HM03.

In Super Smash Bros. 4[edit]

As a Poké Ball Pokémon[edit]

Oshawott appears as a Poké Ball summon. When summoned, Oshawott glides on a wave of water in one direction, washing away its summoner's opponents.

Its function is very similar to Piplup's in Brawl.


Oshawott's trophy appears in both versions. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U it is part of the Pokémon Black & Pokémon White Trophy Box.

Oshawott's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
NTSC Oshawott carries a little weapon on its stomach known as a scalchop, which can be used to either defend or attack. Its Surf move can knock opponents off the stage, but if you use a reflecting move at just the right moment, you can turn the tide against it!
Nintendo DS: Pokémon Black & Pokémon White (03/2011)
Nintendo DS: Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2 (10/2012)
PAL Oshawott carries a little shell on its stomach known as a scalchop, which can either be used as a weapon or to defend against attacks. Its Surf move can knock you right off the stage, but if you reflect it at just the right moment, that could really turn the tide back in your favour!
Nintendo DS: Pokémon Black/White (03/2011)
Nintendo DS: Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (10/2012)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

As a Poké Ball Pokémon[edit]

Oshawott using Surf in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Oshawott returns as a Poké Ball summon in Ultimate.

Oshawott cannot be summoned on King of Fighters Stadium.


Oshawott also appears as a spirit.

No. Image Name Type Class Slots Base Power Max Power Base Attack Max Attack Base Defense Max Defense Ability Series
SSBU spirit Oshawott.png
1 1215 6083 706 3530 441 2209 Electric Weakness Pokémon Series


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese ミジュマル, Mijumaru
UK English Oshawott
France French Moustillon
Germany German Ottaro
Spain Spanish Oshawott
Italy Italian Oshawott
China Chinese (Simplified) 水水獭
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 水水獺
South Korea Korean 수댕이, Sudaengi
Netherlands Dutch Oshawott
Russia Russian Ошавотт